We’ll Know In A Week

That The Kings Are Staying In Sacramento.

I have nothing left to say about the fucking Mariners this week, so let’s move on to more important things.  The Sonics won’t be playing in Seattle any time soon.  I hate to say, “I told you so,” especially when my being right goes against what I really want, but there you have it.  This article on USA Today says it better than I ever could, David Stern is going to fuck Seattle out of an NBA franchise once again.

Just when I think I’m as naive as I’m ever going to be, I come to find out that Seattle is going to lose out on NBA basketball because the city of Sacramento found someone of Indian-descent to be its majority owner.  And apparently this guy is the fucking Key Master who will open up the entire country of India to the NBA.  Great.

Insanely rich guys are a dime a dozen.  But, insanely rich guys from India who can open your product to one of the most populous nations in the world?  That’s something Ballmer and his money just can’t buy.

I love how the NBA isn’t even trying to hide their preference in this thing.  It’s outrageous!  First, we get that whole thing where David Stern goes out of his way to hold a press conference specifically directed at the Sacramento group and the requisite that they need to increase their bid for the team.  Could Stern have told them in private?  Of course he could have; it’s a phone call.  At most, it’s a conference call between him, Kevin Johnson, and the investors.  But, he chose to take it to the media.  Why?  I would argue, to rub Seattle’s nose in it.

You don’t think David Stern is a vindictive man?  Think again!  He’s a tyrant sitting on a throne of shattered dreams and bruised egos.  In 2007/2008, Seattle opted to give David Stern the finger, so he did everything in his power to punish us.  David Stern doesn’t like it when franchises are moved to new cities?  That’s a crock of shit!  When a city gets on Stern’s bad side (or, rather, doesn’t kiss his old, wrinkled ass), he can’t move a team out of there fast enough!  There wasn’t enough time in the day for all the badmouthing of Seattle he did to the owners.  Then, to really push this thing through, he threatened the city of Seattle by giving us an ultimatum:  end your lawsuit now, or risk never again seeing the NBA in your city.  I’m not going to say he saw the market crash of 2008 coming, but who knows what would’ve happened in the subsequent two years had the Sonics stayed in Seattle.  Maybe the city would’ve figured something out with an arena deal.  Maybe a white knight would’ve swooped in with a plan that would get everything settled.

Instead, the Sonics were stripped from this city, but that’s not enough for a bitter old geezer like Stern.  He’s got to continue our suffering for as long as he’s in charge.  And, ideally (in his mind), as long as his heir is in charge as well.

What better way to make us suffer than to have us on the brink of getting a new team, then do everything in his power to turn the tide the other way, all the while mocking us publicly while also trying to make us believe he holds no weight on the issue?

Like, for instance, how he just HAPPENED to be in India this past week.  Think that’s a coincidence?  Sacramento finds this Indian guy to buy its team, and all of a sudden Stern’s got a big ol’ hard on for India?  You know, that Indian market was there five years ago; why wasn’t he so interested in India THEN?

Or, how about his soon-to-be replacement Nate Silver watching a basketball game with the potential new owners last night at Golden State?  I don’t remember any of these people ever going to an NBA game with Chris Hansen or Steve Ballmer!

Here’s what I believe to be true; whether you agree with me or not, that’s your business:

  • All the NBA cares about is its bottom line.  This would make sense; it’s a money-making enterprise.  Rich guys don’t get rich (or stay rich) because they don’t care about money.
  • David Stern rules with an iron fist.  My hunch is most of the owners don’t give two shits about NBA issues; they just want what’s best for their own teams.  As such, they’ll just go along with whatever David Stern wants them to.  My other hunch is that they go along with David Stern because if they don’t, he’ll make their lives a living hell.  Nobody wants to be on Stern’s bad side.
  • David Stern doesn’t care about franchises moving.  He cares about respect.  He cares about the power he holds and he uses that power to lord over people, over franchises, and over cities.
  • David Stern hates Seattle.  He would rather move a franchise back into the black hole that is Vancouver B.C. before he moved one into Seattle.
  • David Stern is a prick.  No commentary necessary.

For as much as I love watching basketball, I fucking hate the NBA sometimes.  Because of assholes like Stern.  Because their referees are corrupt.  Because the league cheats its way to getting the Lakers into the playoffs.  And then, when the Lakers are IN the playoffs, the league cheats its way into moving the Lakers forward another round!

Fuck next week.  Fuck David Stern.  Fuck the NBA.  I’m out.

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