The 2013 Seattle Seahawks Schedule Has Something For Everybody

Here it is:

  1. @ Carolina, 10am
  2. vs. San Francisco, Sunday Night
  3. vs. Jacksonville, 1:25pm
  4. @ Houston, 10am
  5. @ Indy, 10am
  6. vs. Tennessee, 1:05pm
  7. @ Arizona, Thursday Night
  8. @ St. Louis, Monday Night
  9. vs. Tampa, 1:05pm
  10. @ Atlanta, 10am
  11. vs. Minnesota, 1:25pm
  12. BYE
  13. vs. New Orleans, Monday Night
  14. @ San Francisco, 1:25pm
  15. @ New York Giants, 10am
  16. vs. Arizona, 1:05pm
  17. vs. St. Louis, 1:25pm

Now, for starters, I’m going to resist the urge to complain.  Is it fair that the Seahawks get five 10am start times while the 49ers only get two?  I mean, really, how is it they get to go to New Orleans and start in the late afternoon while we go to Atlanta and get buttfucked by Mr. Sandman?  How is it that we get back-to-back starts against two AFC playoff teams (Houston & Indy), on the road, at 10am, while they get back-to-back starts against two AFC bottom feeders (Tennessee & Jacksonville), on the road, and only ONE of those games is at 10am?

Ahem … I said I’m going to RESIST the urge to complain!  Because it goes both ways.  For instance, week 1, the Seahawks go to Carolina while the 49ers host Super Bowl contender Green Bay.  That’s a kick in the teeth to start your season!  The 49ers are also on the road for 6 of their final 10 games, while the Seahawks enjoy being at home 5 of their last 8 (including 4 of their final 6, with a BYE week sandwiched between two home games).

What’s undeniable is the respective road schedules.  The Seahawks face the second-toughest road schedule in the NFL.  Meanwhile, who do the 49ers face on the road?  Let’s take a look, shall we?  These are the non-divisional road games they have to play:

  • Tennessee
  • Jacksonville
  • New Orleans
  • Washington
  • Tampa

Man, are you kidding?  While we get Indy, Houston, Atlanta, New York, and Carolina?  That’s some BULL shit.

Of course, overall the Seahawks and 49ers have a very similar strength of schedule, but you have to take that with a grain of salt.  We won’t REALLY know the strength of schedule until the season ends; all of this is based on last year’s figures.  I know I’d rather play the Giants and Vikings over the Packers and Redskins, that’s for damn sure.

The bottom line in all of this is:  we don’t know shit!  Anything can happen.  The 49ers lost some ridiculous games last year to some ridiculous teams and still made the Super Bowl.  The question you have to ask is:  what would you rather have?  A really hard strength of schedule, so you’re battle-tested come playoff time?  Or a creampuff schedule that helps you pad your record but ultimately leaves you untested and vulnerable come playoff time?

I actually think this is a good mix.  The Seahawks have one of the easiest home schedules I think I’ve ever seen, so that’s an 8-0 record right there.  The best two teams we play at home – San Francisco & New Orleans – are both night games where the stadium will be ablaze with Seahawks fervor.  If we can’t win those games, there’s something wrong.

So, that just leaves us needing to find a way to go 5-3 on the road.  I like our chances in Carolina, St. Louis, and Arizona (we won’t be blowing those divisional road games like last season).  I like us in one of the games against either Houston or Indy (my hunch says we beat the Texans and lose to the Colts in a game billed as Wilson vs. Luck; Luck will have the ball last and figure out a way to do something crazy).  That’s 4-1, meaning we just have to go 1-2 against the Falcons, Giants, and 49ers.  Truth be told, my confidence against the 49ers is sky-high right now.  We nearly beat them in San Francisco LAST year, and that was when the offense was still in its infancy.  If we manage to beat the 49ers in Week 2, then go on the road and beat the Cards & Rams, that’s a 3-0 divisional edge.  With home games against the Cards and Rams to close out the regular season, that Week 14 matchup in San Francisco could be a decider.  We win that game, we win the division and lock up a BYE in the first round.

Essentially, what I’m saying is I think 6-0 is on the table in the divison.  I think 10-2 is on the table in the conference.  And I think 13-3 is a very reasonable expectation for a number 1 seed.  As the regular season approaches, I’ll revisit the schedule with my game-by-game breakdown.  But, rest assured, this schedule could’ve been 16 games against nothing but the 49ers, Falcons, Broncos, and Patriots and I still would’ve pencilled in the Seahawks for a 13-3 record.  At this point in our development, the schedule is meaningless.  We’re going to have 13 good games, 2 mediocre games, and 1 bad game.  Where those games fall on a calendar is irrelevant, because then, we’re going to have 3 more great games in the playoffs to close things out.  That’s all there is to it.  Ten months from now, we’re not going to remember who the Seahawks played in the regular season.  Just who they beat in the Super Bowl.

These are the 1981 49ers, the 1982 Redskins, the 1992 Cowboys, the 2001 Patriots.  Not just champions, but the beginnings of DYNASTIES.  All it takes is the first one to get the snowball rolling.

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