What The Seahawks Should Do On Draft Days 2013

Remember when it was just Draft Day and we didn’t drag this out in a masturbatory exercise in NFL self-congratulation.  WE GET IT, you’re the biggest sport in the world!  Why not make it Draft Week and have one round per day?  Limey fucks.

The Seahawks have 10 picks in the 2013 NFL Draft.  Obviously, they traded their first round pick to Minnesota, so they’ve got nothing to do with the rest of their day today.  The odds are pretty much nil that the Seahawks trade up into the first round, especially given the low status of their second rounder (#56 overall).

And I don’t want them to!  Fuck the first round.  There’s nothing in the first round that we won’t be able to find in any of the other rounds.

The Seahawks have at least one pick in the remaining six rounds, including 2 in the fifth and 4 in the seventh.  That’s where we stand right this very moment.

If you want to know what I WANT to happen, I’ll tell you.  First and foremost, I’d look to see if there’s a taker for our second round pick.  Ideally, the Seahawks would trade that second rounder for a first rounder in next year’s draft.  That’s how confident I am in this team’s ability to contend with what they have right now.  I think the more draft picks we can trade to jump into next year’s draft, the better.  Because by that time, we will have some major contract decisions to make.  Guys are going to get paid, while other guys are going to get cut to save money to pay the contracts of those first guys.  So, having a glut of higher draft picks going into 2014 would be a great way to mitigate the losses of good players who will be gone after 2013.

Something tells me that won’t happen, but a guy can dream.

In some particular order, the Seahawks need to draft a linebacker, a backup quarterback, a couple defensive tackles, a defensive end, an offensive tackle, a wide receiver, a cornerback, a third running back, and maybe a kicker.  That’s sort of my order of importance, but truth be told, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Seahawks draft ANY of these positions in their higher draft areas (second & third round).  OK, I’d be surprised if I saw a kicker drafted there, but can you just IMAGINE the balls it would take to say to the NFL:  here’s how good we are, take a look at our first pick kicker!

I’ve had this hunch for a while now that the Seahawks would look to draft a quarterback in the second round, if the right one fell to them.  The more I think about it, the more I’m waffling on that sentiment.  I mean, part of the whole thing about trading Matt Flynn was getting rid of a backup quarterback who made a lot more money than the starter.  Why would the Seahawks look to disrespect Russell Wilson by taking a quarterback a year later in a round HIGHER than he was picked?  Part of me thinks:  you gotta get over that shit.  That’s pride, fuckin’ with you.  But, another part of me knows that people take shit like this seriously.

Nevertheless, I don’t think the Seahawks will have any choice if the right guy falls.  Right away, you have a pretty good idea that he’ll be better than Brady Quinn.  On top of that, if he develops at all, you can trade him away in a few years for more draft picks.  Maybe by that point, people will have forgotten how much Kevin Kolb sucks.

A very un-sexy pick would be a defensive tackle, but you can’t rule it out.  Mebane and Bryant are getting up there.  These wide-bodies don’t have the longest shelf lives, and once they get injured, they break down quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry.  And beyond that, we just need depth!  All of these free agent defensive ends they signed tells me that the Seahawks are going to need to improve this position via the draft, unless they want to risk signing guys to 1-year deals every year for the next half decade.  We’re pumping a crazy amount of money into the line, with the deals for Bryant and Mebane specifically.  Once we start looking to re-sign Sherman, Thomas, and Wilson, money is going to have to come from somewhere.  A good bet is it comes from the D-Line.  Which means, the Seahawks have to start looking to draft their replacements NOW.  Cost-effective players who can handle their shit, that’s what we need.

Linebacker is one of the more obvious needs, but I’m no longer convinced the Seahawks have to get this in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.  We need to replace the departed Leroy Hill, and we’re going to do that either with someone on the roster today, or someone who will be on the roster after Saturday.  My guess is we look somewhere in the fourth or fifth rounds for this player.  No sense in over-paying for a position that quite frankly you can fill with lower-tier talent.

Since I hardly know any of the projected first round talent as it is (a byproduct of me not giving two shits), there’s no way in Hell I’d try to do a true mock draft of who I think the Seahawks will pick.  However, I’ll go a little more simple:  my mock draft of what positions the Seahawks will draft in each of their rounds.  Let’s see how many I’m able to correctly guess.

2nd Round:  Defensive Tackle
3rd Round:  Offensive Tackle
4th Round:  Quarterback
5th Round:  Linebacker
5th Round:  Wide Receiver
6th Round:  Defensive End
7th Round:  Cornerback
7th Round:  Defensive Tackle
7th Round:  Running Back
7th Round:  Linebacker

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