Seattle Sports Hell Goes To The San Francisco International Beerfest

Jealous?  Oh stop being jealous!  It’s just $70 for three hours of unlimited beer and food from all over the world.  NBD, know what I mean?

Of course, I suppose the timing could’ve been a little better.  I mean, draft weekend?  Are you kidding me?  I should be obsessing over every piddling thing the Seahawks will do over the next two days!  Instead, I’ll be partying in San Francisco, drinking vast quantities of foreign beer, and going to watch Built To Spill play live rock n’ roll music.  On second thought, I think I’m okay with this.

I’m flying back Monday morning and am taking the day off of work, so I’ll have plenty of hours to catch up and write about the draft.  In the meantime, here’s a collection of links to tide you over.

Lucky for the Mariners, after this current 7-game homestand they’re on, they will only have to play eight more home games until June.  Nevertheless, you’re going to hear a lot of crap about the Seattle weather and its early-season coldness getting in the way of the Mariners scoring runs.  I tend to think that’s a lot of hooey.  That post is from June 30th of last year, but it has since been updated this week to include 2012’s numbers.  2012 is QUITE the outlier, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Maybe sleeping dogs SHOULD lie.  Then again, if Kickstarter is able to bring me movies or more seasons of the shows I love, who am I to resist?

Remember when The Strokes were great?  I miss those days.

I could listen to Gary Payton talk trash all day every day.

What was it like to write for all those ABC T.G.I.F. shows?  I’m not gonna lie to you, it sounds bitter and unfulfilling.

This Grantland post speculating on who might replace Jimmy Fallon wasn’t as annoying as I thought it was gonna be.  I would also shit multiple bricks if they gave Tracy Morgan his own show.  If he doesn’t talk to a parrot at least once every ten minutes, I’ll refuse to watch.

This one is pretty melodramatic, but you know the media would have a fucking shit-fit if/when a professional football player dies on the field.

I can’t tell you how much I love the show Cheers.  Have you ever played the board game?  I have it; it’s fantastic (and no, I did not misspell “bored”)!

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