Not Surprising: The Kings Stay In Sacramento

I’ve expressed all the anger and frustration I can possibly conjure up on this subject, rehashing the same tired argument over and over won’t change the minds of the people in charge.  It won’t bring the Sonics back any sooner than we’d hoped.  At this point, it would just be petty and juvenile.  We were promised a night of pizza and video games for a quality report card and instead we’re rewarded with tuna casserole and a book report due at the end of the week.  Throwing a tantrum isn’t going to make The Old Man & The Sea any less mind-numbingly boring.

What else can I say, except that I’m disappointed?  I’m not shocked, and no one else should be either.  The writing has been on the wall since that David Stern press conference when he made it clear in no uncertain terms that Sacramento would get any and every opportunity to keep their team.  If you haven’t been taking the opportunity to reduce your hopes in the subsequent weeks, then I don’t know what to tell you.  Besides, “I told you so,” I guess, but know that I take zero pleasure in being vindicated on this stance.

You’re going to read a lot of bullshit about how we shouldn’t lose hope.  About how this peach of an arena deal and this dream team of potential owners won’t be denied for long.  But, think about it.  Look at what you’re relying upon.  Look at who you’d be trusting.  You’re putting your hope in the benevolent hands of cheaters and liars.  The same people who told us one thing five years ago (let the Sonics move to OKC without a court battle and one day – when you get your shit together – we will reward you with the opportunity to get a new team) are now saying, “Sorry, you can’t have the Kings.  And oh by the way, we’re not even THINKING about expansion either.”

The people of Seattle are, for the most part, good people.  But, their hubris absolutely astounds me!  Do we have a sweet arena deal?  Sure.  Do we have potential investors with deep pockets who are respected the world over and would make ideal owners of an NBA franchise?  Yeah, I’ll bite.  But, to sit here and expect the NBA to bow at our feet is foolish and arrogant.  The NBA doesn’t have to do a GOD DAMN THING.  In the five years since the NBA has been out of Seattle, has it hurt them one iota?  Hell no!  In fact, the sport has only gotten more popular in that time.  Now, obviously that’s not BECAUSE there’s no team in Seattle; if anything, the quality of play has improved as well as the calibre of its superstars.  But, the point remains:  the NBA isn’t hurting by not having a team in Seattle.  Just like the NFL hasn’t suffered without professional football in Los Angeles.  Pro sports leagues aren’t dependant upon any single city.  To think Seattle is any more special than any other city in this country is a misguided way to look at this thing.

The deluded masses can continue living with their heads in the sand, but I’m through with hope.  Regardless of where you stand on this, one thing remains:  we are going to be waiting a long time before we see another NBA franchise in Seattle.

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