Oh, So Now Expansion Is On The Table?

Twitter kind of exploded last night, thanks to @TheMontyShow’s report that Hansen’s continued association with the Maloofs has put his efforts in jeopardy to get an NBA franchise in Seattle.

Excuse me?  I understand, as it was told to me, that the NBA wasn’t even THINKING about expansion, let alone talking about it and making tentative plans.  All along, we’ve been told things like, “One city will end up being disappointed.”  Now you’re telling me there IS a compromise at hand?

A.  I’ll believe it when I see it.
B.  Where was all this talk weeks ago as you were holding Sacramento’s hand and walking it across the busy intersection?

We’ve been told all along that, essentially, this was our one chance at getting a team in Seattle.  By purchasing the Kings and moving them here.  More importantly, it appears that is the same message that has been conveyed to Hansen & Ballmer.  If they had even the slightest inkling that a compromise could be worked out, where indeed both cities could end up happy, I don’t think they would’ve gotten this far into bed with the Maloofs.

But, that’s just it.  If the NBA had this surprise in the works all along, then they’re idiots for waiting this long!  What, did they think Hansen & Ballmer would sit on their hands as the NBA did everything it could to put Sacramento into a position to defeat them?  Did they think H&B weren’t serious about bringing basketball back to Seattle?  The NBA left H&B no other choice but to play every card they could possibly play, including an increase in the amount of money offered to purchase the team, including an increase in the relocation fee, and including signing a backup offer for 20% of the Kings as a last-ditch effort to try and wait out this Sacramento arena situation.

NBA, it’s YOUR fault that it’s come this far.  Had you been a little more flexible before on your stance re:  expansion, then this could have gone much more smoothly.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say Sacramento has won.  They’ll keep the Kings and they’ll most likely figure out a way to get the Maloofs to sell directly to them.  Now, the question is:  will Seattle get theirs?  God dammit, I hope so.  I’m tired of this whole fucking thing.

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