2013 Seahawks Injury Watch: Anthony McCoy

I JUST the other day tried to project the 2013 Opening Day Roster, and already it’s obsolete.

Of course, I just a week ago belabored the point that the Seahawks are going to suffer a significant increase in major injuries this year, because this is Seattle and Seattle is Sports Hell.  So, really, this should be no surprise.

Add Anthony McCoy – TE #2 to the list of people we won’t have on this team for all or part of 2013.  Obviously, this isn’t a GOOD thing.  Anthony McCoy isn’t a starter by any means, but he’s a trusted backup who in 2012 played quality minutes and managed to produce.  2013 was likely to be a breakout year considering this is his contract season, but I guess that ain’t happenin’.  Torn Achilles, gone for the year.  Add him to the pile:

  • Chris Clemons, DE – likely PUP candidate, out for at least 6 games
  • Greg Scruggs, DE – torn ACL, out for season
  • Bruce Irvin, DE – suspended 4 games for adderall
  • Anthony McCoy, TE – torn Achilles, out for season

Again, we’re just talking about depth.  The best player on this list is likely to still play at some point in 2013.  The second best player on this list will be back starting in Week 5.  McCoy hurts because now you’ve got Zach Miller and a bunch of nobodies who have yet to play significant minutes in the NFL.  What happens if Miller goes down?  Well, before we had McCoy and you could bank on not missing much of a beat.  Now?  Who the Hell knows?

You better hope and pray that Zach Miller stays healthy.  I’m going to go slaughter 50 rabbits, harvesting them for their good-luck-bringing feet.  I suggest you do the same.

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