The Mariners Should Put Brandon Maurer Out Of His Misery

Forgive me if I don’t give a shit about the latest “controversy” where Eric Wedge made a flippant remark about the sabermetric community followed by the sabermetric community getting their panties in a HUGE knot like this is the Dixieland south circa 1840 and Y’ALL HAVE JUST SULLIED MY HONOR, SUH!  Here’s a word of advice:  if you want the rest of the baseball world to respect you, “Sabermetric Community”, then try to not act like a bunch of 12 year olds when someone you don’t like makes fun of you.  Take a comment in stride, huh?

Brandon Maurer:  he hasn’t been good.  He lost again, making him now 2-7 on the year.  He has yet to get through a full seven innings in any of his ten starts, he’s given up on average one home run a game (which, over the course of a full season, would put him somewhere around 30, which is bad), and if I had to be honest, I only see one really great start on his Major League resume:  6.1 innings, 7 hits, 1 walk, 6 strikeouts, 0 runs against the Angels on April 25th.

Sure, there are other “Quality Starts” on his resume, but many of them have ended up in defeat.  Yeah, he only gave up 3 runs in 6 innings against the Indians on May 17th, but the first two put us in a 2-0 hole, and with this offense, you can’t afford to put them in holes early.  Same thing the start prior at home vs. Oakland:  he gave up 3 runs in 5 innings, but all three of those runs put us in a 3-0 hole.

Where’s the dominance?  Where’s the outing where he goes 8 shutout innings?  If you’re going to be a good pitcher in this league, you’ve got to give us a SIGN!  Show us that you’re for real!  I’m not looking for Roger Clemens in every start, but you’ve got to be Roger Clemens in SOME starts!

Some people say it’s confidence, some people say it’s a lack of a change up (causing him to be abused by left-handed hitters).  I say, whatever the cause, all the more reason for him to be starting games in Tacoma right now.  Let him work on that change up.  Let him build up his confidence.  Let him get his shit together in an environment where he’s not under constant pressure to Succeed Or Else.  From fans and from management.

At this point, you’re pretty much throwing his starts away ever fifth day anyway.  Might as well blow those starts on some veteran you could theoretically trade for a prospect in a couple months.  Jeremy Bonderman might not be much to look at, but if he can throw some quality numbers out there, who knows?  Maybe he’s worth something to a team in need.  It’s better than nothing.  It beats letting him walk in three days when he opts out of his minor league deal.

And, by July 31st, either Maurer is ready to re-join the big ballclub, or someone else will fill those shoes.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?

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