The White Sox Can Suck It!

This three-game series, if the Mariners can complete the sweep this afternoon, will ALMOST make up for all the hardships we’ve had to face in the south side of Chicago.  The Mariners, for whatever reason (they’re terrible), simply can NOT beat the White Sox in their joke of a stadium!  But, now we’re in Seattle, and the White Sox are facing our murderer’s row.

It all started on Monday with Safeco Joe Saunders.  He pitched a solid 6.1 innings, giving up just the one run while striking out five.  Then, last night, King Felix went 7.1 gritty innings, giving up 4 runs while striking out eight.  With some lockdown bullpen work and two saves later, here we are:  on the cusp of a sweep so sweet.

Hey White Sox, how many homers are you going to let Raul Ibanez rip you for?  You do realize he is FORTY-ONE!  You’re single-handedly getting destroyed by Father Time over here, just thought you should know that.

Today, Iwakuma takes the hill.  If ever I was going to guarantee a sweep, today would be the day.  The Mariners are running out another front-line pitcher and the White Sox are struggling like no other.  They’re riding an 8-game losing streak, their coaches and managers are acting like fools in and out of the dugout (seemingly arguing every single call the umpires make), and if they can’t hit in their own stupid-idiot of a ballpark (.223/.286/.364), then what makes them think they can hit in ours?

It’s almost enough to make me feel sorry for them.  ALMOST.  Then, I remember who we have slated to start just as soon as they leave town and the Yankees come in:  Harang & Bonderman.  This is my nightmare.

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