The Mariners Drafted Some Guys

D.J. Peterson was taken 12th overall.  For the record, the Mariners chose D.J. Peterson over free agents like Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher.  I’m not the highest guy on Swisher, but I think Bourn could’ve been a real long-term asset for us had the Mariners decided he was worth it.  Well, will Peterson turn out to be something even BETTER?  Who knows?

He’s a power-hitting, right-handed third baseman who – everyone is telling me – will be converted to a first baseman.  He’s got three years of college experience, which came after the Mariners originally drafted him in 2010 out of high school and he opted to not sign.  Is that a good thing?  Again, who knows?  I think it’s interesting that the Mariners have had enough interest in this kid that they’d be willing to draft him TWICE.  You’ve got to like their passion, I suppose.  At the very least, it tells me the organization has paid VERY close attention to his development.

I’m hearing a lot of good things about Peterson.  He’s one of the best college hitters in the game, so that’s a plus.  Then again, if you’re picking in the upper half of the first round, don’t you kind of expect to get one of the best college hitters?  And, of course, I’m hearing things about how he’s a “safe” pick.  About how he’s “polished” and on a “fast-track” to the Major Leagues.  These buzz words tend to scare me a little bit, especially when they’re joined by phrases like “not a lot of upside”.  Some guys, when you pick them, they’re raw and talented, which means if they reach their full potential, their upside can be HUGE.  Other guys are about as good as they’re going to get, talentwise, so now it’s just a matter of getting enough experience to push through into the Majors.  I don’t necessarily think that one prospect is better than another, and I suppose we’ve been bitten by both types over the years.  Still, it’s kinda depressing to think that this guy could do everything right, and he still won’t ever be one of those Hall of Fame guys.  If he plays all his cards right, he’ll be a good Major League player.  His total upside is maybe one or two All Star appearances at the MOST.  I’m not saying that’s D.J. Peterson’s fate, but when you talk about prospects LIKE D.J. Peterson, that’s who you’re talking about.

Remember, Dustin Ackley was the “safe” pick in the 2009 draft.  He was “polished” and on the “fast-track” too.  Look at him now.

Or, for that matter, look at Justin Smoak, a guy Peterson is drawing comparisons to.  Can you handle another Justin Smoak?  Because, I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ve got my gun loaded and my bottle of Jack at the ready.

Baseball drafts, for me, are like funerals.  I can’t sit here and appreciate the person of the moment, because I’m too busy lamenting all the other loved ones I’ve lost before, while simultaneously dreading the future and my own mortality.  Drafting someone like D.J. Peterson just reminds me of all the fucking mistakes this team has made in the last 20 years since picking A-Rod first overall, and it leaves me resigned to our destiny that he will continue the streak of travesties that have dared put on a Mariners uniform.

In the second round, the Mariners selected Austin Wilson out of Stanford.  He’s a corner outfielder and he bats right handed.  He’s big and tall (6’5, 245 lbs) which makes me wonder why the Seahawks didn’t take a shot at drafting him.  Maybe make him a tight end or something.  Anyway, this guy really interests me.  He’s a fringe first round talent who fell to the second round thanks to injuries.  He supposedly has more power than he shows in games, which either means he’s a batting practice phenom and nothing more, or it means he has yet to reach his potential.  THIS is a guy with upside!  This is a guy who, with a little work in the minors, could really blossom into something HUGE one day.  I wouldn’t go counting my chickens or anything, after all this is baseball where prospects flame out every 30 seconds.

After Wilson, the Mariners drafted about a million other guys.  Because this is the baseball draft and who gives a shit?  The information’s out there, so if you want to read about everyone else, more power to you.  All I know is that it’ll be a good 3-5 years before we realize whether or not this draft has worked in our favor.  By then, in all likelihood, Jackie Z and Eric Wedge will be long gone.  And, with them, maybe these prospects as well.  Remember what Z did with all of the higher-round prospects from the last few Bavasi drafts.

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