No Hockey In Seattle (For Now)

Glendale voted 4-3 to agree to the lease deal to keep the Coyotes in town, and another dangled carrot remains just out of reach for the city of Seattle.

Honestly, I was pretty damned surprised.  From the looks of things, the city is going to lose money on an annual basis just to keep a pro sports franchise.  I think it’s great, but then again I don’t mind paying a little taxes to keep the things I love.

How dumb is the city of Seattle?  I dunno, probably not very.  But, it sure does SUCK.  What it would have cost to keep the Sonics in town is nowhere NEAR what it ended up costing Glendale, for an inferior franchise in an inferior American sport.  And yet, you can look no further for an example of how hard it is to uproot a franchise and move it from a city.  Glendale is getting ass-rammed, yet they put it to a vote and decided to let the ass-ramming continue.  Seattle … had to extend a fucking hotel tax another couple decades (a burden primarily on the fucking TOURISTS and not even for our own citizens) and they decided to say, “Fuck you.”

Seattle sucks.  Let’s just call a spade a fucking spade.  Why any professional league would want to deal with this good-for-nothing city and its bullshit government is beyond me.  We deserve every fucking sports hardship we’re forced to endure, because we let these assholes hold our city hostage.

And so, like the NBA, the NHL will have to wait.  It was a longshot even if Glendale voted against the lease agreement.  The NHL would have had to have agreed to play in the interim in Key Arena (or, I guess, the Tacoma Dome, but that seems even more unlikely), they would have put it on faith that the MOU could be adjusted to allow the SoDo arena to be built prior to NBA and Chris Hansen involvement, and they would have needed owners willing to move and keep the team in Seattle.  When you’re talking about other cities existing, ready for hockey, with an arena already built, I can’t imagine that Seattle would have been high on anybody’s list.  Now, tack on grappling with this local city government, and I’m positive hockey wouldn’t have been coming our way.

As you go forth on this 4th of July holiday weekend, I want you all to reflect upon everything you have to be thankful for (which, I’m sure is a lot).  Then, I want you to reflect on everything that sucks.  And just know that everything that sucks is likely politically motivated, because we have nothing but cretins representing us, at all levels of government.  HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, BOYS AND GIRLS!

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