It Begins Continues: Percy Harvin Has Injured His Hip

This is my nightmare.

There’s no more helpless feeling in sports than watching your great season derail by injuries.  Remember 2005?  Remember how the Seahawks were cruising along, pummelling the NFC into submission?  And then, remember how all of a sudden, towards the end of the season and on through the playoffs, guys started going down left and right, until we were left with a MASH unit in the secondary trying to play footsie with the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Look, I just want to see my team, at full strength, going up against whoever the AFC has to offer in the Super Bowl.  Is that REALLY too much to ask?

No one knows just how serious this Percy Harvin thing is.  Either it’s going to be “nothing”, in the sense that it’s minor, and it will linger for the rest of the season, causing him to miss many practices and possibly even parts or wholes of games; or it’s going to be “serious” requiring immediate surgery, at which point HOPEFULLY he will be able to return at some point this season.  What do you root for in this scenario?  I guess if he were to have surgery and we were guaranteed to have him around for 10-or-more games, I’d root for that.  Who needs a Percy Harvin that can’t practice and that will slowly get worse as the season goes on until inevitably he has to call it quits and get this thing taken care of?

My mind can’t quite wrap itself around this issue, because it’s too new and too Seattle.  If anything is going to destroy the 2013 Seahawks, it’s going to be injuries (because there is too much talent on this team to fail otherwise).  What actually has me more concerned at the moment is this talk of Zach Miller’s foot.

The pre-season PUP list was released today.  On it, we find the aforementioned Harvin and Miller, alongside Guns Turbin (another surprise), Chris Clemons (obviously), Greg Scruggs (again, obviously), rookie Tharold Simon (whatever) and Korey Toomer (jeez …).  We’ve talked about Clemons and Scruggs enough.  It’s a good thing we have rookie running backs to pick up the slack if Turbin can’t go.  One of these years, Toomer is going to figure out how to stay healthy so he can resume dominating.  All of those guys don’t scare me as much as Miller.

WE NEED A FUCKING HEALTHY TIGHT END!  I can’t stress this shit enough.  Just … BAH!  Today was supposed to be a day of celebration!  Instead, I’ve got to worry about this shit.  Screw you guys, I’m going home …

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