The 30 Most Important Seahawks In 2013

You might remember this very same series from last year.  You might remember that it was kind of a mess when all was said and done because it’s impossible to predict what the Seahawks are going to do at any given time.

Anyway, the list is pretty self-explanatory:  these are the 30 Seahawks ranked in order of importance.  We need THESE players to do well if we want the team to do well.  Likewise, we can’t LOSE these players for any extended period of time, or it’s going to cut into our overall chances for success (“success” = Super Bowl Or Bust).

Like last year, I’m going to try to do a post a day throughout the Pre-Season – explaining my reasoning behind where I ranked each player – leading up to the September 8th first game against Carolina.  I may have to adjust on the fly, depending on the circumstances, but for now here is the list as I see it:

  1. Russell Wilson
  2. Golden Tate
  3. Earl Thomas
  4. Richard Sherman
  5. Russell Okung
  6. Zach Miller
  7. Michael Bennett
  8. Marshawn Lynch
  9. Percy Harvin Sidney Rice
  10. Cliff Avril
  11. Max Unger
  12. Brandon Browner
  13. Red Bryant
  14. Breno Giacomini
  15. Bruce Irvin
  16. Sidney Rice Doug Baldwin
  17. Bobby Wagner
  18. Kam Chancellor
  19. Brandon Mebane
  20. K.J. Wright
  21. Antoine Winfield**Released/Retired?**
  22. James Carpenter
  23. Walter Thurmond
  24. Chris Clemons
  25. Doug Baldwin Percy Harvin
  26. Paul McQuistan
  27. Tony McDaniel
  28. J.R. Sweezy
  29. Luke Willson
  30. John Moffitt — **Traded**

Also Considered:

  • “Backup Quarterback”.  I’m usually pretty big on the importance of a backup quarterback, but with the dregs we’ve got this year, I’m just going to close my eyes and pray Russell Wilson takes every snap (that isn’t in a game where we are blowing the other team out).  Tarvaris Jackson looks to be the guy in this role.  I’m willing to grudgingly agree that he’s the man for the job when compared to Brady Quinn, and I suppose the Seahawks COULD be okay if he had to start a game or two.  But, even then, it really depends on the opponent.  Tarvar isn’t going to step into this lineup and beat the 49ers in Week 2.  But, he could probably handle himself against the Jags or Titans (please not the Titans, I’m actually going to be attending that game and want to see a GOOD quarterback).
  • Michael Robinson.  I always like a good fullback, but the fact of the matter is, this team just doesn’t utilize the fullback like many other teams.  Robinson does, however, hold a lot of importance in Special Teams, and he’s an overall likeable dude, so I hope he makes the team.
  • Jermaine Kearse.  By all early accounts, Kearse has taken a huge step up.  Which is important if he hopes to make the team, considering they just drafted Chris Harper in the 4th round.  Kearse is also a quality Special Teamer, so that’s another notch in the belt.  I wouldn’t burn too many brain cells on any of the wide receivers after the top 6, because they won’t be around for too much longer.
  • Jordan Hill & Jesse Williams.  Two rookie interior linemen looking to make a big impression on this team.  Odds are, they will survive, but that doesn’t mean they will remain healthy or stick in the rotation.  I’m casting a wary glance at these two until I hear otherwise.  Still, if we hit on these two, it could be very big for our future.
  • Malcolm Smith.  He’s looking to take over the Leroy Hill spot among our linebackers, but that doesn’t really tell the whole story.  From what I’m reading, Smith might just be a part-timer, especially considering the team is looking to move Bruce Irvin to his linebacking position as well.  Irvin will be more of a pass-rusher in a Nickel package while Smith will be more of a coverage guy in the base defense.  Considering this defense did pretty well with a slowed-by-age Leroy Hill last season, I think we’ll manage if we don’t have Malcolm Smith’s best.
  • Special Teams.  I’m just going to lump Kicker, Punter, and Long-Snapper in this category and call this post a day.  All are important in the sense that if you have a bad kicker, punter, or long-snapper, bad things (like losses) can happen.  But, really, who gives a shit?  You can only expend so many words on these guys before you drive yourself crazy.

**Updated 8/19/13** – Well, we have our first casualty to my increasingly irrelevant list.  John Moffitt, we hardly … no, wait, we knew ye.  We knew more than we ever needed to know about ye …

**Updated 9/2/13** – And down goes Antoine Winfield.  I guess that means you can move Walter Thurmond up a couple spots on my list and throw Byron Maxwell into the #23 slot.  Maxwell looks like the real motherfucking deal and ultimately this move – along with cutting Michael Robinson – saves us plenty of cash that we can carry over to the 2014 cap.

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