Search: Percy Harvin AND Needs Surgery AND Fuck Me *Clicks I Feel Lucky*

Ironic, double-meaning, Google-related headlines:  you know I’ve got ’em.

Well, I guess I kinda got what I wanted.  When presented with this brave new world where Percy Harvin is injured and unable to do anything at the start of Training Camp, your options are:

  1. He plays through it, slowly getting worse, until he’s likely shut down before the end of the season
  2. He has surgery RIGHT NOW, then he comes back healthy as an ox for the end of the regular season and the entirety of the playoffs

Truth be told, I’d rather have Percy Harvin when the games start to really matter.  I’d like to see his obscene talent injected into this offense just as other teams are starting to wither under the strain of three-quarters-of-a-season’s worth of being battered and beaten.  It’s not a 100% ideal situation, but it’s as good as we could hope for under the circumstances.

A couple of things to keep in mind:  he’s missing the entire pre-season.  It’s not insignificant; this is when teams introduce their schemes for the year.  It’s also when new players are able to acclimate themselves to their new teammates.  Percy Harvin is missing out on valuable Getting-To-Know-Russell-Wilson time!  And, if you know me, you know how much I loathe in-season trades for wide receivers.  It nearly NEVER works out.  Why?  Because of that very reason I stated above:  injecting a new guy into a situation in which he’s unfamiliar.

While we’re on the subject, though, let me put on my homer hat for a moment.  Getting Percy Harvin back in Week 14 (or whenever) might not be as detrimental as it would be in certain other cases where wide receivers have been traded to other teams mid-season (I’m looking at guys like Chris Chambers and Roy Williams, among others).  First of all, Percy Harvin isn’t a lazy, overweight piece of shit.  So, we’ve got that going for us.  Secondly, his skill-set is radically different.  He’s not a bona fide #1.  He’s a slot guy.  He’s an x-factor guy.  He’s going to have most of this season to learn the playbook, so when he’s finally inserted, he’s going to have the Percy Harvin Package of plays on lockdown.  He won’t be learning a whole new offense on the fly; he’ll be like a backup quarterback who gets to sit and observe, biding his time until his chance arises.

The other thing to keep in mind is:  he’s having surgery.  They don’t always go well.  There’s nothing that says he won’t need another procedure to fix what the surgeon botched in the first one.  Look, you can knock on wood and cross your fingers and all that, but that won’t make it less of a possibility.  Then, there’s the rehab factor.  He’s going to be rehabbing this thing for weeks and weeks.  What if there’s a setback?  What if he just can’t get right, or what if he can’t get right in time to make it back this season?  Not everyone is RGIII or Adrian Peterson.  I’ve been a Seattle sports fan for too long to have the wool pulled over my eyes.  And, even if there’s no setback, per se, who knows if Percy Harvin will ever be 100% this season?  Maybe he does make it back, but he’s a step slow and out of sync.

The point is, there are infinite possibilities.  In an ideal world, Percy Harvin would be on the field right now with no pain whatsoever.  But, this is the world we live in:  one where he’s going to have surgery this week.  One where he will be on a timetable to return sometime in the final quarter of the season.  One where he may or may not make it back.  One where he may be a great help to this team, or a pile of crap until next year when he’s REALLY healthy.  This world sucks, because it’s full of unknowns.

Except for what we do know, which is that Russell Wilson is a golden god, this offense was spectacular late last season (without Percy Harvin), and this defense is still one of the best in all of football.  Go Hawks.

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