#28 – J.R. Sweezy

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Well, you know if I’m gonna have Moffitt on the list, I have to have Sweezy on the list.

You know how when you’ve got a sibling and you’re CONVINCED that your parents like your sibling more than they like you?  Like, “so & so is mom & dad’s favorite” and stuff like that.  Based on nothing but your own insecurities and in no way steeped in reality (unless you’re a jerk, then maybe mom and dad DO like so & so best).  That’s sort of the way I feel, vicariously, about J.R. Sweezy and John Moffitt.  I think Seahawks coaches just like Sweezy MORE than Moffitt.

This tends to fly in the face of rational thought.  Normally, teams who draft guys relatively high (like Moffitt, 3rd round in 2011) give those guys every opportunity to start and make good on the promise that caused them to be drafted so high in the first place.  Yet, even though Moffitt is healthy – and was seemingly healthy for most, if not all, of last year – J.R. Sweezy (a 7th round pick in 2012, and a converted defensive lineman) is the guy who is getting all of the opportunities.

I would argue that Sweezy was not the better offensive lineman last year.  While Sweezy and Moffitt ended up in something of a time-share, it seemed like Sweezy got more of the starts and more of the overall playing time.  Sweezy might have an upside that the team likes and wants to cultivate, but I just have to wonder if he’s the man for the job.

I dunno, maybe he IS the better lineman.  Or, maybe he’s a product of Tom Cable’s hubris.  This notion that he can turn anyone into a quality starting lineman in his system.  On the one hand, yeah, Tom Cable is probably the best offensive line coach in the NFL.  On the other hand, he seems to like to pick up a lot of offensive lineman “projects”.

For the most part, I don’t care.  It’s the right guard position.  Put the best man in the starter’s spot and let’s go to work.  But, on the other hand:  why is it that parents always like the younger sibling best?  It’s a fact of life and you know this!  I’m here, John Moffitt, if you need a shoulder to cry on.  Or, you know, if you need someone to be a lookout while you go pee on that building.  Seriously, you gotta get some more heads-up friends if you’re going to keep doing this.  Obviously, out-running the pigs isn’t in your repertoire.  So, let’s go with Plan B:  Sensible Friend Steve.  First, I’ll try to talk you out of public urination.  Failing that, I’ll scope out a good, secluded spot to get the job done.  Trust me, I have plenty of experience in making a drunken jackass of myself.  See:  tonight & tomorrow.

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