The Seattle Sports Hell Podcast – A weakstream Production

OK, so this is the part of the post where I explain what the fuck you’re going to be listening to.  IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE!  I’m just gonna say that right now.

Everyone in the known universe has a podcast.  Shit if I know why, but people love listening to podcasts.  Hey, I’m there!  I love ’em too!  Anyway, I’ve had this podcast on my Blogspot blog called “weakstream“.  Essentially, it’s a play on words.  You stream it online … weak urinary stream … I dunno.  It seemed funny at the time.  Anyway, the premise of my podcast is:  everyone has to be drunk.  We’re a 9-beer minimum operation, and more often than not we fly right past the 9-beer mark.

If there’s a better drunken podcast on the Internet, I have yet to hear it.  So, consider this podcast:  Seattle’s Preeminent Drunken Sports Podcast.  We recorded it in the wee hours of last night, and here it is, in all its uncut glory.

It’s on the long side.  I’m gonna say that right now.  You’re going to want to plan your day around this.  Also, I’m not on iTunes or any of that shit, so you’re just going to have to download it and put it on your mobile music-listening device yourself.  And, probably turn down the volume a bit, because I’m the loud, obnoxious jackass in the room.

Oh, yeah, the subject of the podcast … it’s about football.  Specifically, the upcoming NFL season.  We preview it, make our predictions, and ramble on for days …


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