#26 – Paul McQuistan

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This list is pretty back-loaded with offensive linemen, so apologies if talking about these guys isn’t really your cup of tea.  Only four more after today!

At this early juncture, it’s nearly impossible to try to predict who will be out on the field in Week 1.  At the very least, you’ve got injury concerns:  there are ALWAYS injuries in the pre-season.  But, when you’re talking about the offensive line, you’re talking about four players fighting for two spots.  Which is why we’ve already showcased Moffitt and Sweezy, who are doing battle for that right guard spot.  Today, we’re featuring the incumbent left guard … and, oddly enough, a guy the Seahawks would probably rather NOT see play in 2013.

Don’t get me wrong, Paul McQuistan isn’t bad.  The team just hopes that someone better will distinguish himself (*cough* *cough* Carpenter! *cough* *cough*) and earn the right to play in between Okung and Unger.

Of course, we can’t count on Pancakes Carpenter to stay healthy for a full season.  In his first two years in the league, he has done severe damage to the same knee and ended both seasons on the IR.  To count on Pancakes would be like the Mariners counting on Franklin Gutierrez to play 162 games in center field.  Since the Seahawks AREN’T idiots, they’ve got plenty of backup and plenty of competition to take over in the event we’re left without our ideal best-case scenario.

Paul McQuistan is like the world’s greatest security blanket.  Yeah, he makes a little more money than some of the younger guys on the line that we’re hoping pan out, but I think he’s worth every penny.  He can play four positions!  Both tackle spots and both guard spots!  He’s the reason we don’t necessarily have to carry an extra offensive tackle, which means there’s one more space for a skill position guy currently on the bubble.  You want to keep as many of those bubble guys as possible if for no other reason than to prevent them from going to your rivals and becoming starters to bite you in the ass later.

McQuistan might not be the best lineman in the world, but it kind of bothers me that he’s lumped in there with the supposed “guard problem” the Seahawks had in 2012.  First of all, this offensive line blocked for the #2 running back in the NFL, so how bad could the “guard problem” really have been?  Second, McQuistan wasn’t the problem.  He was a rock.  The “guard problem” is really the “right guard problem” which, as I contend, wasn’t really a problem in the first place.  We won 11 games!  Our quarterback tied the rookie record for touchdowns!  We were in the middle of the pack in the NFL in sacks allowed!  Yeah, there’s room for improvement, but that’s a far cry from a “problem”.  At that point, you’re just picking nits, and in this case that means you’re fucking nuts.

There’s already word coming out that yesterday Pancakes limped off the field, albeit under his own power.  Consider this a familiar sight and count your lucky stars that we have Paul McQuistan who can step right in there and help us not miss a beat.

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