#25 – Percy Harvin

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Let’s not put a whole lot of thought or effort into this.  I’m just going to say that right now the #25 spot belongs to Percy Harvin strictly because of the Percy Harvin Injury.  This WAS supposed to be Doug Baldwin, but he just got bumped up to #16, which pushed Sidney Rice into the Top 10 where Percy Harvin was supposed to be.

Enough has been written about Percy Harvin to last me the rest of this season, so I’ll just briefly recap.  We traded for him because he’s great.  We signed him to a huge contract because he’s great.  Yes, he has been known to have injuries and trouble with authority, but sometimes that comes with the territory.  I believe – as do the Seahawks – that Percy Harvin is a special talent that – when put on the right team – can make them virtually unstoppable.  Things were going good, he was running around, he hurt his hip, it never got better, he got an opinion from the Seahawks’ doctors (which still has yet to be revealed), he got a second opinion from some New York doctor (whose opinion was surgery), he had surgery last week, and here we are.

Some people estimate he could be back as early as Thanksgiving.  This year, Thanksgiving falls on the 28th.  The very next game the Seahawks play would be on Monday night against the Saints, in Seattle.  If this comes to fruition, you think there will be any stories for the media to glom all over that week?

In this “best-case scenario”, we would have Percy Harvin for give games:  New Orleans, @ San Francisco, @ New York Giants, vs. Arizona, and vs. St. Louis.  Truth be told, as long as he makes it back for that San Francisco game, I’ll be a pig in shit.  We already know we can beat the 49ers at home without Percy Harvin.  But, to beat them on the road, WITH Percy Harvin, might just be too much for me to handle.

You can’t expect him to come back and be Percy Fucking Harvin! right off the bat.  If he is, then more power to him, but odds are he’ll play a small percentage of the snaps he would normally play when 100%.  But, if all goes according to plan, he SHOULD be 100% by the time the playoffs roll around.  With an additional week off (assuming we nab one of the top two seeds in the NFC), that could make us the most dangerous team in the NFL.

Percy Harvin was never going to be my highest-rated receiver, even if he was healthy this entire year.  I think he likely would have led the team in receptions, and maybe even yards.  But, I think Golden Tate’s impact on this team would have been far more important to our overall success (which I will get to, later in this series).  As many have stated before, and many will continue to state:  the Seahawks were already good without Percy Harvin.  They’ve brought back essentially the same team, with a few key upgrades to help out some weaknesses (in the pass-rush, and our third down defense), and a few other key upgrades that should provide elite depth for years to come.  Percy Harvin was not the difference between Playoffs or No Playoffs.  Hell, he wasn’t even the difference between Super Bowl or No Super Bowl.  This team, as it stacks up right now, without Harvin, with the tougher strength of schedule, while being in the toughest division in football, with all the pressure in the world thanks to our brash style of play and the fact that every team we face will be giving us their best effort … in spite of ALL of that, this team is a Super Bowl contender, and it would have been even if we never traded for Percy Harvin in the first place.

However, with his presence – his HEALTHY presence – Percy Harvin is the difference between Super Bowl Contender vs. Book Your Tickets Now For New York, & Make Sure You Take The Days After The Super Bowl Off Of Work So You Have A Good Spot To Watch The Parade.  The cherry on top of the sundae?  More like the blow job on top of the meeting Kate Upton at a party for the first time.

Yes, Percy Harvin is important, but he’s not necessarily vital.  It’s best to not keep our hopes up now, then be pleasantly surprised later if he’s able to return.  Because, if he does, WATCH OUT NFL!

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