Seahawks’ Backups Better Than Chargers’ Backups

The Seahawks, under Pete Carroll, have moved to 8-5 all-time in Pre-Season games.  And, if you think that’s a dumb statistic, then congratulations, you understand the very importance of Pre-Season games!

Of course, as with any exhibition game, there were a number of stand-out players last night.  Tarvar looked like one of the most elite quarterbacks in the NFL, which just goes to show you:  the Seahawks have the greatest third-string quarterback in all of football!  YEAH!

And, if you think I’m going to relent on this Tarvar-bashing, you’re insane.  The moment I let my guard down, that’s the moment Russell Wilson breaks a femur and we’re stuck with Tarvar for the rest of the year (and, consequently, I’m out $700).  I’m guess I’m not 100% behind my previous statement that I’d rather have Brady Quinn, but what does it matter?  The death knell for Brady Quinn happened when he came off the bench as the second quarterback in this game.  Remember last year when Matt Flynn kept playing before Russell Wilson, then it turned out this team was giving Russell Wilson every opportunity to win the job?  That’s what they’re doing with Tarvar right now.  Let Quinn fluster about against tougher second-string defenses while Tarvar cleans up against future waiver wire guys.  Everyone’s panties get all moist over Tarvar’s perfect passer rating, and BOOM, he’s the second string guy and Quinn is out on his ass.  Meanwhile, Quinn gets lulled into a false sense of security because he thinks he’s got the upper hand by playing in the second-string role.  Little does he know, the unforgiving sword of doom dangles just overhead.

I thought Christine Michael looked good, as a running back.  You’ll notice he bobbled the first San Diego kickoff to us; I don’t know if that was nerves or what, but a rookie return man is pretty much my worst nightmare.  Is it too late to toss the Patriots a 7th round pick for the rights to take back Leon Washington?

Also, speaking of Michael, I said it on Twitter last night and I’m saying it again here:  the Seahawks will release Guns Turbin.  That’s my hunch.  It’s a tough decision, but what are you going to do?  Keep five running backs (Lynch, Robinson, Michael, Ware, & Turbin)?  What’s the point?  Michael is CLEARLY this team’s future.  Turbin might also be its future, but he’ll end up being its Future Maurice Morris.  I’ll ask it again:  why would you go to all the trouble to keep a future backup running back, when you’ve already got one in Ware?  In a year or two from now, when Lynch is gone, this team will be led by Michael and backed up by Ware.  It might even produce a sour spot for fantasy owners as I can envision Ware getting the bulk of the goalline carries.  What I can’t envision is Turbin somehow wrangling that starting running back position.  Michael does everything Turbin does, only he does it faster, with more explosiveness and more grit & determination.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  There are too many important bubble guys at other positions that our rivals will be all too willing to poach.  Let them have Turbin; I guarantee that does not ever come back to bite us in the ass.

Stephen Williams had a sick game, with two 40+ yard receptions and a touchdown.  People are already handing him the keys to his very own 53-man roster spot, to which I say, “Slow down, Skippy!”  It’s one meaningless game.  I know he has looked good in practice, but let’s see him consistently do it throughout the rest of this month before we go overboard.

As for the rest of the offense, I didn’t watch closely enough to have anyone make much of an impression.  That first play by Russell Wilson looked good (play-action roll out pass to Kearse), but other than that it appeared he needed to shake out the cobwebs.  You really don’t want to read too much into his first two possessions of the season, so let’s not go nuts.  I’ll just say that I expect him to look better next week and leave it at that.

The defense didn’t show me much of anything on that first drive, as San Diego sliced and diced their way through us like Ginsu Terminators.  Saying we played “vanilla defense” is one thing, but at some point your talent needs to step up there and shut down their talent mano a mano.  Our starting 11 on defense should be able to stand still pre-snap, rush four, play in a soft zone, and STILL be able to shut down the San Diego Chargers.  But, again, I’m not going to make too big a deal out of the first drive of the season.  Still, you’ve got to figure that’s the most jacked-up those guys have felt about playing football since the 2012 season ended.  I kind of expected frothing at the mouth intensity and instead I saw a lot of sloppy play and penalties.

Mike Morgan got the start at the Leo defensive end and showed me absolutely nothing.  I know the Chargers kept it simple with a lot of short drops and quick throws, but still.  His technique left a lot to be desired (and left me hoping for a speedier recovery for Chris Clemons).

Walter Thurmond sure got tossed around like a ragdoll, didn’t he?  I was having Marcus Trufant circa 2012 flashbacks last night.  Always a step slow and a step behind his man.  That’s no way to throw yourself into the conversation for starting nickel corner.

Byron Maxwell with the pick – and the almost-second pick – sure looks good out there.  He’s one of those bubble guys I’m talking about.  Do we want to keep Guns Turbin and let Maxwell sign with the 49ers?  Or, do we want to toss a backup, mid-round running back out into the world to sign for somebody’s minimum and probably hardly play any snaps (while keeping Maxwell and using him for either insurance, or trade bait for future draft picks)?

After all that, my night was pretty much lost to Coors Light, thoughts of my fantasy football draft, and losing scratch tickets.  There were some bubble linemen who made an impression and that’s great; again, I’ll say, “What can you do for me next week, and the week after that?”

All in all, it was an enjoyable win.  One thing is for certain:  even Brady Quinn is a better quarterback than Charlie Whitehurst.  Kinda makes you wonder about those Seahawks fans who were calling for him to be a starter over Hasselbeck that one year … WHITEHURST IS GOING TO BE BEAT-OUT BY A ROOKIE FROM SOUTHERN UTAH!

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