#20 – K.J. Wright (and a few words on the Moffitt trade)

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In a semi-related note, we have our first casualty in my 30 Most Important Seahawks list, with #30 John Moffitt traded to Cleveland for some magic beans.  Since I don’t have nearly enough to say about K.J. Wright to warrant a full post anyway, I figured I’d shoe-horn this in here.

I think it’s funny (and kind of annoying) when the local talking heads call this an indictment on that 2011 draft class.  John Moffitt was a third round pick.  He wasn’t a top 10 in the first round bust; he was one of the guys we took in the early/middle rounds who you ideally would like to see become a starter, but shouldn’t be surprised when they flame out.  Considering the fact that most first rounders can’t be considered “locks”, it’s idiotic to think that a third rounder “needs” to be one of your core guys.  When you find players in the later rounds, or among the undrafted (as this front office has done time and time again), who are not only starters but Pro Bowlers and All Pros, I think you can whiff on a third rounder or two.

The loss of John Moffitt isn’t some travesty.  The team WILL recover and somehow find a way to move on.  A third round bust isn’t anywhere NEAR on par with a first round bust like Aaron Curry.  So, calm down, relax, and take solace in the fact that we helped a struggling Browns team get a LITTLE bit better.

And I don’t want to read any articles on how the Seahawks “lost” this trade.  This was a move made to increase our D-line depth.  If this Brian Sanford guy turns out to be good enough to make the 53-man roster, then great.  If not, it’s not the end of the world.  This team didn’t need John Moffitt, necessarily, with the way some of these undrafted linemen are performing.  And, truth be told, these undrafted guys actually have a higher upside when all is said and done.  Don’t think of it as trading a potential starting guard for nothing.  Think of it as trading a potential starting guard for a potential future starting guard (or tackle, for that matter, when you look at guys like Michael Bowie and Alvin Bailey).  Paul McQuistan and Breno Giacomini won’t be around forever.

And besides, J.R. Sweezy looks like he’s just flat-out better.


As for K.J. Wright, he’s making a switch from strong-side linebacker to weak-side linebacker, taking over for the departed Leroy Hill.  That’s a paddlin’ an upgrade.  Those more in the know haven’t seen a whole lot out of Wright thus far this pre-season and truth be told, I haven’t seen him do much of anything either.  That could be nothing or it could be more; I guess we’ll find out.  At this point, with John Lotulelei nipping at his heels, I’m starting to think K.J. Wright was put a little too high on this list.

Really, more than anything, I have him in the top 20 because of his Top 20 Potential.  This being his third year, he is now squarely IN his prime.  He knows the defense, he knows all the linebacking positions, he should have the confidence by now to take it to the next level.  In this 2013 season, we will know whether or not we have a Pro Bowler on our hands, or just a nice piece that will need to be upgraded in a year or two.

Of course, if it turns out he’s currently battling injuries that are slowing him down, then throw that last sentence out the window.  My guess is, watch him turn it on when the games start meaning something.

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