#18 – Kam Chancellor

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I’m trying to figure out what Kam Chancellor’s identity is on this team.  Brandon Browner is known as the thuggish enforcer on the outside.  Richard Sherman is known as the best all-around corner in the NFL.  Earl Thomas is making a name for himself as the best defensive PLAYER in the NFL, with his speed and athleticism and instincts and football acumen.  To me, Kam Chancellor is sort of a microcosm of the entire Legion of Boom.

He’s got that enforcer mentality across the middle.  While he may not be the best all-around safety on the team, no one is more trusted to cover another team’s tight end.  If Earl Thomas is the glue that holds the pass defense together, I’d say Kam is the glue that holds the team’s run defense together.  More often than not, we’re talking about Kam as that guy bringing down the back if he happens to get to the second or third level of the defense.  With Earl’s ability, Kam can play closer to the line on occasion, which makes the other team’s chances that much more slim.

I should also point out that this team isn’t necessarily at its deepest at the Safety position.  While I think we all like our depth on this team, there’s a difference between guys dominating in the second halves of pre-season games and guys with actual game experience taking over for injured starters.  I feel like cornerbacks are more suited to step into a starting role because the team generally uses more of them throughout the season, against 3- and 4-wide receiver sets and whatnot.  But, when do you ever see a defense use 3 or 4 safeties?  I dunno, maybe they do, but I never really hear about it.

We know Kam Chancellor is a Pro Bowl calibre player.  We don’t really know squat about the guys behind him.  They could step in and be just as good, but I doubt it.  So here’s to a long and healthy career for Kam Chancellor!

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