#14 – Breno Giacomini

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Look, KILL ME, I like Breno Giacomini.  I didn’t always.  At first, when he was a walking late-hit personal foul penalty waiting to happen, I thought he was a stupid lunkhead.  But, for the most part, he has cleaned up his act and that’s at least half the battle with him.

The numbers don’t speak well of Giacomini’s talents.  I read somewhere that he was something like the 25th best right tackle in football last year, which obviously isn’t great.  I’d like to know how that ranking changes if you just take into account his final eight games, because I saw a guy making great strides in his craft.  And, the team obviously agrees with me, because while many were calling for the Seahawks to go after a replacement tackle – either via a high draft pick, or via free agency – they did no such thing.  Any tackles brought in were strictly projects taken late in the draft or in the rookie free agent pool.  They were never seriously considering replacing Giacomini and I think that speaks volumes.

I fully expect him to make a big jump this year.  I’m not gonna say he’s going to be a Top 5 player or anything, but I don’t think being in the top 15 right tackles in football is out of the question.  And, on this team, that’s going to help like gangbusters.

Right tackle is one of the most underrated positions on any football team.  I think I know what I’m talking about, what with my background as a third string high school freshman football right tackle who played exclusively in garbage time … right tackles ARE important!  Granted, more often than not, right tackles are failed left tackles, and they often get tight end help to their sides, but STILL!  They see their fair share of one-on-one battles from edge rushers and in those instances they have the same exact responsibilities as left tackles.  And, on top of that, with Russell Wilson’s propensity to run to his right, Giacomini is actually tasked with holding his block even LONGER, to make sure Wilson is able to get around to the outside and make a play.

On top of all that, this team doesn’t necessarily have the kind of depth at tackle as it does at guard.  The guard position has seen a lot of turnover the last couple years, with multiple players getting multiple starts.  For the most part, Okung and Giacomini have been THE guys on the outside.  Lose either for an extended stretch, and you’re looking at a lot of unknown coming up behind them.  Yeah, some of these guys have looked good in pre-season, but we all know what that means.

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