#12 – Brandon Browner

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If you ask just about every Seahawks fan, I think they’ll rank the Legion of Boom thusly:

  1. Earl Thomas
  2. Richard Sherman
  3. Kam Chancellor
  4. Brandon Browner

From a talent perspective, I think I’d probably agree with that ranking.  The main reason I have Browner ranked over Kam in this particular list is I place more importance on starting cornerbacks than I do strong safeties.  But, from the way most Seahawks fans talk, you’d think there were really three crucial members of the L.O.B. and one expendable guy we should look to replace at a discount.  I’m here to tell you, from the way Brandon Browner has looked thus far in the pre-season, we need to get him locked up!

I know it’s going to be tough.  We just signed Kam to an extension and Earl and Sherman are going to command beaucoup bucks; putting this type of money into one position group is a great way to screw yourselves over in the long run.  But, the difference between shovelling money at the L.O.B. vs. what the Seahawks did with their linebackers near the end of Holmgren’s run is that an elite secondary is worth WAY more than an elite linebacking corps.

I don’t necessarily think Browner deserves Richard Sherman money, but I also don’t think he deserves to be low-balled.  Simply from what I’ve seen in the first three pre-season games, Brandon Browner has been the best player on the field.  If this carries over into the regular season and he proves to live up to Sherman’s hype – or even out-play him – then I think you certainly have to pay the man!  Or, at the very least, consider putting the Franchise Tag on him.

Brandon Browner is an elite player and the #12 spot feels pretty low, but that just goes to show how deep this team really is.  On any other team in the league, Browner would likely be in the top 5 or 6.

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