#11 – Max Unger

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I always wonder about these Pro Bowl centers.  Like, do they get noticed because people are legitimately focusing on the offensive line, trying to figure out who the best linemen are?  Or, do they just look at the teams with the best rushing numbers and pick guys at random?  I feel like centers are only chosen based on how good the quarterback is.  Would we know as much about Jeff Saturday if he wasn’t the guy hiking the ball to Peyton Manning?  I doubt it!

All of that up there might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever written, but does that make it any less true?

Either way, we apparently have one of the best centers in football.  I’m sure that’s true, because the Seahawks were one of the best rushing teams in the game last year!  When you package him with a solid left tackle in Okung, and various space fillers in Tom Cable’s system, and you’ve got yourself quite the package.

Center is important, really, because he’s the first line of defense for the quarterback.  At the moment just before the snap, the center is the closest thing between the quarterback and the nearest defender.  More than that, he’s down there in the trenches, trying to move the very biggest individuals on the football field out of the way so our running backs can do their stuff.  He double teams guys, then peels off and takes down linebackers at the next level … he does it all!

I don’t know.  To be honest, I find it hard to give that much of a damn about the center position.  As long as he doesn’t bobble a bunch of snaps, I’m happy.  So, way to go Max Unger, All Pro!  Here’s to a decade of dominance!

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