#6 – Zach Miller

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Who is the guy Seahawks fans have been freaking out about all pre-season long?  Answer:  Zach Miller.

If you said Percy Harvin, you’re wrong.  We have plenty of other receivers on this team to pick up the slack; plus, it’s not like he was a part of what this team did last year anyway, so we don’t know what we’re missing.

It’s Zach Miller, because of course it’s Zach Miller.  He’s so above-and-beyond any other tight end on this team that a week won’t go by without someone floating a rumor out there about the Seahawks picking up a cast-off tight end from another team.  A rookie who caught less than 10 balls last year is currently #2 on the depth chart.  #3 is a tackling dummy.

So, this whole Zach Miller Foot Injury thing has been pretty scary for most of us.  Even the THOUGHT of not having Zach Miller around for parts of the season throws a wrench into our offense.  We won’t run as well as we’d like, we won’t pass as well as we’d like.  Sure, we could still do both of those things, but there will be instances where plays are blown up simply because Zach Miller isn’t in the game.  Do you want to take that chance?  Do you want that play to be a 4th down in the playoffs where we’re down by a score with less than a minute to go?

Now, if you’re talking about fantasy football, you wouldn’t want Zach Miller anywhere near your draft board (unless you’re in some progressive league that gives out 20 points per pancake block, and if so, can I join your league?  It sounds like fun).  He’s not going to catch much more than 50 passes (if that), and he probably won’t have more than 4 touchdowns.  But, on this team, he’s exactly what you need.

For the set of skills Zach Miller has – his lethal combination of blocking and pass-catching ability – I don’t know if many are better.  When you think of the best tight ends, who do you think about?  Jimmy Graham, Jason Witten, Vernon Davis, and Tony Gonzalez.  I would relish the opportunity to have any one of those guys over Zach Miller in a heartbeat, but Miller has them all beat in his ability to block on the line of scrimmage.  That’s a fact.  Yet, if you were to compare him to the best blocking tight ends in the league, Miller would be a standout because of his ability to run routes and catch balls.  He’s an amazing, wonderful freak of nature, and if this team ever figures out how to get him more involved in the passing game, watch out!

Another weapon for the team that has all the weapons.  The Seahawks are to other NFL teams what John Rambo is to the Soviet military.

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