#7 – Michael Bennett

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And here we have our most-important defensive lineman on the team.

People love this signing and I’m right there with ’em.  He’s depth for our LEO defensive end spot.  He’s also a guy you can bust inside on passing downs for a little extra interior pressure.  Really, he can play any spot along the defensive line, and we got him to sign here for a song!

We can speculate all we want on this train, but truth be told, Bennett isn’t the healthiest guy on the team.  Apparently, he’s got some shoulder issue that he played with all last season, and hasn’t gone away since.  It’s just something that he’s going to continue to play with until it forces him out and he finally has to have surgery.  So, kid gloves, but what else is new?  A shoulder isn’t a knee.  A nagging pain isn’t recovering from surgery.  He can play now, and that’s all that matters.

Michael Bennett has a nice little skillset we haven’t seen around these parts since Michael Bennett was around these parts.  We brought him in as a rookie, but ended up letting him go and make a name for himself elsewhere.  It’s nice that he’s so willing to return, and at a very reasonable price, because he could be the ultimate value signing of the off-season.  Right now, Bennett is more of a place-holder than anything else.  He’s going to be our starting LEO defensive end on at least first & second downs.  More often than not, he’s going to be an every-down guy, at one position or another.

His real value comes when we start getting other guys healthy.  When Chris Clemons and Cliff Avril return, THEN we can start having some fun.  Let’s say it’s 3rd & 12 at mid-field and we need to get a stop so our offense can score before the half.  How does a line of:  Avril, Bennett, Tony McDaniel, and Clemons suit you?  That’s four capable pass-rushers (and a possible fifth with Bruce Irvin in the fold at linebacker) hounding the opposing quarterback like he’s a rabbit with a limp.  Now, who knows if the team is actually going to do something like that, but the point is THEY COULD.  What’s going to start the season as a huge liability (I’m talking about our pass rush here) could be a huge strength come November and December.

The catalyst to the whole thing will be Michael Bennett.  He’s our rock, our glue.  He’s a pro’s pro who’s going to give it his all on every down.  What more can you ask for?

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