#8 – Marshawn Lynch

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Beastmode is our best running back.  Let’s start there.  Last year, he showed up at #3 on the list, so what gives?

Well, for starters, I like what this team has as far as depth is concerned.  If they do indeed opt to go with the five running backs, then we’re as loaded as it gets.  Lynch is a Top 5 league-wide running back.  Robert Turbin is no slouch.  Christine Michael is the future at the position.  And, Spencer Ware is the banger we haven’t had since Leonard Weaver.  Remember when Tim Ruskell went out and signed Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett to give us some of that Fire & Ice bullshit certain teams love to do?  Well, Michael and Ware is like the GOOD version of that theory.

As such, if we lose Lynch for an extended stretch, I think we’ll be okay.  At this point, the offensive line is a well-oiled machine.  If they’re capable of ANYTHING, it’s opening up holes in the running game.  So, regardless of who we’ve got handling the rock, I think our running game will be okay.

Where we will hurt if Lynch goes down is, oddly enough, in the passing game.  Lynch is the best pass-protection running back on the team and it’s not even close.  Michael is going to be inactive for much of the season (or, at least, not playing any offensive snaps) because he’s not good yet in blitz pickup.  Russell Wilson’s main area of improvement will need to come on timing routes.  We need to see Wilson stand in the pocket and hit that receiver as soon as he’s completed his drop.  To do that, we’re going to have to make him comfortable in the pocket.  To do THAT, our O-Line needs to do its job, and our backs need to do their jobs.

For this team to succeed, they’re going to need Marshawn Lynch to do what he does.  But, there are other more important players on this team who will have to do what THEY do as well.

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