Seattle Seahawks To Host, Crush Jacksonville Jaguars

It’s impossible to remember the last time I was this confident about a Seahawks victory.  Probably because it’s never happened.  I don’t think I’ve EVER been this confident, and that says something I’d rather not get into at the moment.

Even last year’s 58-0 throttling of Arizona was unexpected!  I mean, you had to figure we’d win that game, because they were starting some Charlie Brown clone at quarterback.  But, no one ever predicts 58-0.

Well, I’m predicting 58-0 now!

I think I’ve said this before, but this game is Reason #1 why people either drafted the Seahawks’ defense too early in fantasy, or they over-bid for them in any auction draft.  If you can’t get 40+ points out of the Seahawks’ defense this week, then something is wrong.

The Seahawks could start all backups and win this game.  The Seahawks could bring back the 2009 team and win this game!  The Seahawks could build a time machine, go back and kidnap the 1992 team and have a REAL GOOD CHANCE to win this game.

The thing about this game is:  there’s nothing to learn.  If the Seahawks win 58-0, then of course they did, because it’s #1 vs. #32.  If the Seahawks struggle, though, then they’re still going to win by something like 24-14.  What will we have learned in either scenario?  45 random people off of the street could suit up and hang with this Jags team!

I’m going on vacation this week, from Thursday morning through Sunday night, so I’m going to have no contact with this game whatsoever.  Under normal circumstances, I’d probably have my dad DVR this game and watch it when I get back, but what’s the point?  This game is going to be about as interesting as any Seattle Mariners game in September.  Let the starters get their 2-3 quarters of play in, give the backups some reps, and let’s get out of this one with everyone in one piece.

They should treat this game like a pre-season game because that’s what the Jags are:  they’re the rotten second- and third-stringers of your average team.  If this franchise ever pulls out of this nose-dive they’ve been in, I guarantee you that the vast majority of these players won’t be on the next Jags playoff team.  Goal #1 is to win the game.  A very close Goal #2 is to stay healthy.  Losing a key piece in a game this worthless would be a crime against humanity

Mega Millions jackpot winners have had better odds than the Jags have of winning this game.  I could go on, but the Internet is only so vast.

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