Seattle Sports Hell Goes To Hawaii

I choose to not spell Hawaii with the insufferable apostrophe because I’m not an asshole.  Or, I guess I am an asshole, depending on where you stand on the issue.

This trip is going to be quick and dirty, today through Sunday.  I won’t be back in Seattle until almost 10pm on Sunday, so no Breaking Bad spoilers you guys!

In the meantime, some reading material:

For those of you on the Fire Romar bandwagon, I’d take a gander at this.

James Gandolfini died a while back.  He was one of the good ones.

If you like The Sopranos, Mad Men, and so on, give this interview a read.

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey was, for a while there, the greatest thing on SNL.

I grew up on Stephen King, so I’m a sucker for anytime he’s interviewed in print.

Sometimes, the press gets it right.

I also grew up on MTV in the late 80s and early 90s.  So, of course, Pauly Shore was my exact wheelhouse.  Totally Pauly was the greatest afternoon video show on MTV and if come back at me with Total Request Live, you and me are gonna box.  And if you didn’t at least enjoy Encino Man, Son In Law, and to a lesser extent In The Army Now, then I want NOTHING to do with you.  The jury is still out on Bio Dome …

SQUEE!  Yeah, I have a thing for The O.C.  SHOOT ME!  I don’t care.  And, for the record, Marissa was way WAY hotter than Summer.  That is all.

In fact, fuck it, scroll about halfway down this link and feast on the collection of links TVTattle was able to uncover for The O.C.’s 10th Anniversary.  And, if you’re not reading TVTattle every single day of your life, then WHERE are you getting all of your television news?

I generally like what they’re doing over at Sportspress Northwest.  This was back when Ken Griffey Jr. was inducted into the Mariners Hall of Fame.  Lotta cool quotes and old pictures of the best Mariner there ever was.

In closing, here’s another story about Breaking Bad.  I still can’t get over how good this show is.

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