7 Down, 16 To Go: The Jaguars Have Too Many Urkels (That’s Why Their Wins-low)

You know what’s a crazy thing I’ve never thought about until this past weekend?  NFL games in Hawaii right now are starting at 7am on Sundays!  The “afternoon games” start between 10-10:30am!  The “Sunday Night” game finishes before dinner time!

I planned my flight back to civilization so it would leave at a little after 1pm yesterday.  I figured that would give me plenty of time to sleep in, or maybe hit the beach one more time before heading back.  Instead, I opted to watch the early-morning games in my motel room while frantically checking up on my fantasy team, because I’m a God damned degenerate.

I ended up leaving for the airport a little before the end of the Green Bay/Cincinnati game.  When I got through check-in and sat down with my Burger King, the Seahawks were on the TV and just settling for a field goal to go up 17-0.  That felt about right.

In Hawaii, there are a shit-load of Washingtonians, because if there’s one thing we love to do in the greater Seattle area, it’s get the FUCK out of the greater Seattle area when the weather is turning to shit.  So, thankfully, in the bar, a couple of the TVs were on the Seahawks/Jags game even though it was a blowout from the opening fireworks.

I don’t have a ton to say about this game, because why would I?  The Seahawks dominated in all facets of the game.  This was the NFL’s version of the Washington Huskies vs. Idaho State Bengals.  I left the bar to catch my flight right after the Seahawks went up 31-0.  I was dismayed that the defense allowed any points at all and a little bummed that the defense didn’t turn any of those turnovers into return touchdowns, but they still generated 4 sacks, 3 turnovers, alongside a bunch of QB hits, tackles for loss, and so on.  This was a dominant performance that morphed into a pre-season game.

I’m gonna keep this short because, as I said earlier, I didn’t see the majority of this game.  I thought Sidney Rice looked like an All Pro out there from what little I saw.  He was a man among boys against that secondary and he and Russell Wilson really took it to ’em.  If we weren’t so loaded at receiver, and if Wilson wasn’t so good at spreading the ball around, Rice could’ve gone off for double-digit catches with nearly 200 yards receiving.

Aside from that, Bobby Wagner’s interception was a thing of beauty.  Just had to get that out there.

Finally, I don’t care how hungry you think you are, getting two Whoppers is never a good idea.  That plane ride couldn’t have been more farting-into-my-seat-filled.

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