How In God’s Name Did The Seahawks Lose To The Colts?

On the one hand, I mean that literally:  how did they do it?  I missed everything but the final Seahawks pass that ended up intercepted, as I was en route from San Francisco to Seattle following the Husky game this weekend.  But also, in reading about it and seeing some highlights … WHAT HAPPENED?

A blocked field goal for a touchdown?  Long bombs all day to T.Y. Hilton?  Russell Wilson unable to convert on third down?  This isn’t something that elite teams do, even if it is on the road to a pretty good team in their own right.

You can’t sit here and expect a team to be perfect.  The 2007 Patriots couldn’t even be perfect and they were perfect!  In the NFL, it’s all about how you’re playing come playoff time.  Granted, there are things you can do early on – like win a bunch of games – that will help you in your goal by the time the post-season rolls around (like, get your team home field advantage), but the primary goal is to just Get There and be playing your best football once you’re There.

It’s been said all week in the lead-up to this game by Seahawks fans like myself who were girding ourselves for a probable defeat:  this game didn’t mean a whole lot.  As far as tie-breakers go, you can lose to an AFC team or two and it probably won’t hurt you as much as losing a conference or – God forbid – a divisional game.  So, I’m not going to sit here and panic because we’re 4-1 instead of 5-0.  Would I have preferred to be undefeated right now?  Absolutely.  Would I feel a little better about myself knowing that the 49ers didn’t just pick a game back up on us?  Of course.  Will I take it to the next level by not only answering my own questions, but commenting on the fact that I’m asking a bunch of questions in a row?  Who does that?

This game, more than anything else, is just a capper to a shitty weekend of football.  Life goes on and we’re looking at a considerably easier slate of games these next six weeks.  We catch Tennessee at the right time.  Arizona and St. Louis should be push-overs.  Tampa is in shambles.  Atlanta is struggling and we’ll have revenge on our sights for that one.  Then, there’s Minnesota who is hedging their bets by signing Josh Freeman off the scrap heap because Christian Ponder is kind of a joke.  If we’re not at least 9-2 going into that BYE week, then I will be legitimately shocked.

You know what we won’t have to deal with for a good, long while?  Mobile quarterbacks.  Or 10am starts.  Or playing against teams that are any good.  This initial portion of the schedule was always going to be the scariest because of these two road games against the Texans and Colts.  I think most of us would have been just fine with a 1-1 split going into the season.  I know that’s what I was more-or-less thinking all along.

So, let’s just put this weekend behind us like any number of body-destroying hangovers.  Let’s forget the embarrassing karaoke sessions, making yourself look like the total jackass to a bunch of complete strangers and close friends alike, and the series of rolling brown-outs at the tailgate/Husky game.  It’s all just a hazy, booze-filled fever dream that didn’t happen.  Instead, let’s focus on what’s ahead.  Next up, getting healthy and taking care of business at home in front of the 12th Man.  And I promise, I won’t be skipping any more games the rest of the season.

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