The Huskies Lost To A Bunch Of Nerds

Last week, on Sunday afternoon, while I basked in the glow of a Seahawks victory over the Texans, I went out to get Chinese food.  Inside my fortune cookie, I found a slip of paper that read, “The coming week shall bring you much happiness.”  I decided to hang onto that slip of paper so I could reflect back a week later and see if desserts really can tell us the future.

For the most part, this past week has been pretty good.  But, it was capped off by two real clunkers in the Huskies losing to Stanford and the Seahawks losing to the Colts.  Tack on a certain defeat in fantasy and I’d say I’m ready for my homemade noose.

There’s always a moment after these types of defeats where I’m at my most angry.  The combination of alcohol, annoying fans of the other team, the rollercoaster nature of the game where possible victory is clearly in sight, only to be stripped away at the last minute by a perceived blown call by the refs (who were, according to a buddy of mine, vindicated, though I’ll never go back and look at the 4th down play where the ball apparently did hit the ground).  It’s in these moments where I don’t want to talk to anyone, I don’t want to see anyone, and I want to punch the first person in the face I see who makes some smart-ass remark.  These periods don’t last long, because after all it IS just a football game.  But when you’re in there, it’s very real and very emotional.  It’s in these moments where, if my true nature was to be a violent person, I’d probably get myself into a lot of trouble.  As it stands, I’m more or less just kind of a pussy.  But, I’ll tell you what, after this game, this defeat, I was as close as I’d ever come to random acts of punching people right in the nose.

It’s not like I even have all that much animosity towards Stanford or their fans in general.  My feelings are pretty benign and if they were playing most any other team in the Pac-12, I’d probably root for them to win.  But, in that moment, after sitting through three straight hours of some loutish cock-ass behind me talking an ungodly, never-ending amount of shit, I would have given everything I owned to have the Huskies complete that comeback so I could rub my balls in his smirking, cunty face.

It’s not so much that he was a douche.  Or, for that matter, any of the other Stanford fans there.  Maybe I’m being too reactionary, and they really do have a healthy detachment from the game and everyday life.  But, you know what gets me most of all about Stanford fans?  Their blasé, “I’m better than you” attitudes.  At no point in the lead-up to this game did they have even an ounce of worry that they would lose to the Huskies.  Not even when we got the ball back and started our drive towards at least overtime, or maybe a win in regulation.  And the worst part?  They’ll never really comprehend how close they came to losing that game and vaulting us into the Top 10.  Not that I’m going to sit here and put it all on one guy, but we were one catch by ASJ from at LEAST tying up that game.  Instead, he dropped the ball, and Stanford fans get to keep living in this fantasy world where they get to believe that the best team won on Saturday.

If this post sounds like it’s just dripping with resentment, then I assure you, you’re right.  I guess I’m just getting sick and tired of going to these road games against Top 5 teams and coming back home the loser.  I don’t believe in moral victories.  We lost the football game and that’s really the only thing that matters.  However, I will say this:  it’s been a long fucking time since I’ve been as proud of the Washington Huskies as I am right now.  We stood toe to toe with one of the giants in college football – on their own home turf – and we showed them and everyone else that we belong in that conversation too.  Once my bitter hatred started slipping away and I started speaking in something besides hushed, terse, monosyllabic sentences, I allowed myself to take stock at what we just witnessed.  This wasn’t your usual Husky road game where we go in there, get off to a bad start, and presume to let the other team pile it on for 60 game minutes.  This was a good fucking team giving another good fucking team everything they could handle.

And if Oregon fans weren’t quaking in their boots at the prospects of having their national title hopes dashed in Husky Stadium next Saturday, they should be now after seeing what we were able to do.  But, of course, in reality, we’ll get the same attitudes that we got from the Stanford faithful.  Which is going to make it all the more satisfying when we kick Oregon’s dicks in.

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