Washington vs. Oregon Is The Only Game You Need To Concern Yourselves With This Weekend

  • 2004:  @ Oregon, 31-6
  • 2005:  @ Oregon, 45-21
  • 2006:  @ Oregon, 34-14
  • 2007:  vs. Oregon, 55-34
  • 2008:  @ Oregon, 44-10
  • 2009:  vs. Oregon, 43-19
  • 2010:  @ Oregon, 53-16
  • 2011:  vs. Oregon, 34-17
  • 2012:  @ Oregon, 52-21

Never forget.

Never forget that we’ve lost to the Ducks the last nine times.  Never forget that due to some fucked up scheduling quirk, when we were still decent-enough to stop this streak (or at least shorten it), the Pac-10 made us play IN Oregon three years in a row.  Never forget that six of those nine games were on the road.  But, more importantly, never forget that our ignominious fall from grace transpired concurrently with Oregon’s rise to national superstardom.

In the year 2000, the Washington Huskies finished 11-1 with a Rose Bowl victory over Purdue.  We finished #3 in both polls, behind Oklahoma and Miami.  Don’t get me started on why all of THAT was a little fucked up, but here’s the thing:  our only defeat that year?  A 23-16 affair down in Eugene to the Oregon Ducks who would go on to finish 10-2, win the Holiday Bowl over Texas, and finish in the Top 10 in both polls.

From that point onward, it would all be different.  The Huskies would go on to have two more winning seasons under Rick Neuheisel (and subsequently two more bowl games), but our records got worse and worse.  We bottomed out at 0-12 in 2008 before our long, slow climb towards relevancy.  We finally made it back to bowl games starting in 2010, but three straight 7-6 seasons have left us cold, and wanting.

The Ducks, on the other hand, have only had one losing season since 2000, in 2004 when they finished 5-6.  They’ve played in a bowl every other year and have finished ranked seven times.  They showed steady improvement through Mike Bellotti’s final season, then when Chip Kelly took over in 2009, really made a leap.  They made a BCS bowl in each of the last four years.  In 2009, they lost the Rose Bowl to Ohio State; in 2010, they lost the BCS National Championship Game to Auburn; in 2011, they won the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin; and in 2012, they won the Fiesta Bowl over Kansas State.  They’ve won no less than 10 games in each of those four years, compiling a 46-7 record.

This year, the trend continues, even with Chip Kelly coaching in the pros.  5-0, ranked #2 in the nation behind Alabama.  The Ducks have had one of the easiest roads to 5-0, playing the likes of Cal, Colorado, Tennessee, Virginia, and Nicholls State.  Aside from tomorrow’s game, and their game in Stanford in four weeks, there is nothing that stands in their way between them and a perfect season.

Never forget why we’re all here.

  • 2009:  Oregon loses @ Stanford, 51-42
  • 2010:  Oregon loses to Auburn, 22-19
  • 2011:  Oregon loses to USC, 38-35
  • 2012:  Oregon loses to Stanford 17-14

Those have been some of the key losses in the last four Ducks seasons that have prevented Oregon from winning the national championship.  I should say that 2010 was indeed too close for comfort, but that’s neither here nor there.  This is 2013.  These aren’t your Huskies of the last nine seasons.  We have loftier intentions than to simply prevent our most hated rival from going back to the BCS National Championship Game.

This year, the Huskies have a real shot at putting ourselves into the Pac-12 Championship Game.  A real shot of going back to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 2000.  This year, the Ducks stand in our way unlike any of the last nine years before.

This year, the Ducks are vulnerable.  Mind you, I didn’t say bad, or worse; I just said vulnerable.  They’re vulnerable because WE are good.  We are at home.  We’ve got a new stadium and College Gameday in our backyard and 70,000 rabid fans who have wanted nothing more than to rush the field on these Oregon Ducks and take away ALL of their roses.

This game would have to go down as the biggest in Husky Stadium history, without question.  Beat the #2 team in the nation, stop a 9-game streak before it reaches double-digits, with the whole nation watching … and oh yeah, it’s Oregon.

Fuck Oregon.  Never forget how much you hate Oregon.  Use that hate to be as loud as you possibly can.  And let the joy overwhelm you when all is said and done.

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