The Seahawks Took Care Of Business Against The Titans

I went to the game yesterday and watched the Seahawks game with a massive hangover, but for once it wasn’t related to alcohol.  After the shitfest that was the Washington/Oregon game, there was absolutely no way I was going to get up for this Seahawks game (plus, I was pretty tired after I spent most of the previous night drinking, but that’s neither here nor there).

At the Washington game, I had literally THE BEST seats I’ve ever had at a football game:  15 rows up from the field, at the 40 yard line.  Some Bigtime sold his tickets for face value, so not only did I have the best seats ever, but I had them for a whopping $70.  Considering tickets were going on Stubhub for anywhere from $100-$300 or more, probably, this was quite the boon!  Of course, we know how that game turned out.

At the Seahawks game, I wouldn’t say I had the worst seats I’ve ever had.  “Worst” brings a connotation that the seats were bad, and there really aren’t any bad seats at CenturyLink.  I guess you could say they were “tied for the worst” with probably every other time I’ve ever gone to CenturyLink, but that’s because I’ve almost never sat below the 300 level.

We were in the corner of the endzone opposite the Hawks’ Nest.  We were in Row U.  We were in the shade for half the game and the sun for half the game.  These are the facts.  The game was being played down on the field, some people did well, some people did poorly.  I was more interested in the cute Hawks fan in the form-fitting jeans a few rows below us, but that’s because I’m a huge pervert, and truth be told, there was relatively little drama in this game.

This was another one of those games where I never once felt like we were going to lose this game.  If you throw away point spreads, or what you’re “supposed” to win by, and just focus on who is going to win this game, it was never in any doubt for me.  Would I have liked to see a cleaner game from our team?  I guess.  But, what are you going to learn from that?  What are you going to learn about the Seahawks if they play their best game and win 45-6?  That they could beat up on a so-so team without its starting quarterback.  That’s pretty much it.

I find, in cases like these, we learn more about our team when they struggle against an inferior opponent and still find a way to lock it down in the end.

Aside from a 12-play drive that resulted in a 1-yard touchdown run on fourth and goal, the Seahawks looked as poor as they ever have on offense in the first half.  Still, the defense was so good that we easily should have gone into halftime with a lead.  But, after losing Hauschka on the subsequent kickoff (when he tried to tackle the runner and got ran over like he was tackling one of those cartoon steamrollers), we decided to attempt a field goal right before the half, with Jon ‘MVP’ Ryan lining up the chip-shot and Chris Maragos holding.

Here’s the thing, there is blame all around on this play.  For starters, when there is precious little time left (I want to say around 20 seconds or so) and you’re out of timeouts, what is Russell Wilson doing checking the ball down to the flat, where Guns Turbin has zero chance to get out of bounds?  That ball either needs to go in the endzone or out of bounds.  I don’t care if people bobbled the ball trying to get it back to the line of scrimmage; it shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place.  Next, what is Pete Carroll doing not going for it there?  I’m sure you probably have all the confidence in the world that your punter can kick in a field goal from 21 yards out, but do you really want to chance it?  And finally, Maragos, just fall on the ball you wanker!  Stop trying to be the hero when you have almost zero experience in the pros handling a football!

So, the Seahawks were down 10-7 at halftime.  Yeah, that play was annoying, and it kinda looked from the Jumbo Tron that Maragos’ knee was down (then again, when you’re talking about the Jumbo Tron in the Hawks’ Nest, you’re not talking about the jumbo-est of trons), but whatever.  This was no deficit that the Seahawks couldn’t overcome.  We tied it in the third quarter, took the lead early in the fourth (both kicks made by Hauschka after he came back from the concussion testing), and put it away later on with another Marshawn Lynch touchdown.  There was no way the Titans were coming back from a 10-point deficit, and lo and behold, they were only able to pull within 7, losing 20-13.

All in all, I had a good time at the game, even though we were in the 300 level and people insisted upon standing for God knows why.  Maybe it’s because I was sore from standing the whole day prior (at a college game, where standing seems more appropriate), or maybe it’s because I’m an old fuck who just wanted to rest his barkin’ dogs for a few hours, but come on, man!  Let a guy have a break!  Either way, solid win for the Seahawks, who advance to 5-1 and a tie for first in the NFC (thanks to the Patriots beating the Saints).

Next up is a Thursday game against Arizona.  I can’t wait to have a Sunday where I get to worry about absolutely nothing except my fantasy team (which is rapidly swirling down the toilet bowl as we speak).

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