The Seahawks & Cardinals Are Punished With This Week’s Idiotic Thursday Night Game

I had this series before the season called “I’m A Worrier”.  Although, let’s be real here, there were two posts in this “series”, so really it’s just an idea I had and then got bored with almost as quickly.

Anyway, the two games in the series that I keyed in on were against Carolina (in week 1) and these Arizona Cardinals in week 7.  I think we’re all a little more than confident that the Seahawks can handle whatever it is the Cards dish out in CenturyLink in December; but the real wild card (and the real key to how this season is going to play out) is the game down in Glendale.  If the Seahawks want to win the NFC West, they have to go at least 5-1.  Which means there’s no room for losses to the Cardinals or Rams.  Ever.

All that means, of course, is that everyone respects the 49ers so much, the odds are if we lose only one game in our division, it’ll be that game down in San Francisco.  That doesn’t make Arizona or St. Louis any less formidable (especially on the road), but let’s face it, if they weren’t in our division and we didn’t face them twice a year (meaning, we weren’t so familiar with one another), you’d look at any game featuring the Seahawks and Cardinals (or Seahawks and Rams) and think it’s a slam dunk Seahawks victory.

But, since they are in our division, we have to be concerned.  That’s just the way it goes.  I’m sure Chargers fans weren’t too concerned about going into Oakland a couple of weeks ago; San Diego is CLEARLY the better team.  But, what happened?  The Raiders controlled the game from the get-go and the upset was on.

It seems like every year, when you get to the end of the season, you look back on at least ONE game where you say, “We had no business losing that game.”  It never fails.  Even the best teams in the league in any given year tend to lose at least a game.  And, by definition of that team being the “best”, it would stand to reason that NO other team should have beaten them.  Of course, we’re not in the business of being the best regular season team in the NFL; we want to be the best team period and win the Super Bowl!  Well, that means you have to win the games you’re supposed to win.  In this case, the Seahawks are SUPPOSED to win tonight.

As I’ve been alluding to, flukey shit happens.  It’s Thursday, so you never know how the teams will come out.  Will it be sloppy early?  You’re damn right it’ll be sloppy early, because the NFL is run by a bunch of fuck-tards who will never understand that Thursday games are undermining the integrity of the game.  Will the Seahawks dig themselves an early hole?  It absolutely will not surprise me one bit.  Will the Seahawks dig themselves such a deep hole that they can’t get out of it?  God, I hope not.

One thing will be certain:  this won’t be a repeat of last year’s game down in Arizona.  Russell Wilson is the man now.  Something something training wheels are off something something full playbook.  More importantly, the defense is another year older & another year wiser.  Carson Palmer isn’t Andrew Luck.  If I don’t see a minimum of two turnovers for the Seahawks’ defense, then I’m going to be hopping mad.  Carson Palmer is what we thought he was, and what that is is a shitty fucking quarterback.  I’m not going to say they’d be better off with Skelton or Kolb or whoever.  But, I will say that they’d be better off having tried to tank it in 2013 so they could get a high draft pick.  As it stands, they’re going to be right around 7-9 and probably on the outside-looking-in of a Top 10 pick.

The one thing that concerns me is Arizona’s run defense.  They’re quite the underrated unit and could pose problems for us.  I’m sure we’ll have a decent game in the end running the ball, but I’ll tell you what:  I’m sick and tired of playing all of these elite front sevens.  They can’t ALL be this physical, can they?

Anyway, I’m predicting a Seahawks victory, but it won’t be easy.  For some reason, I’ve got 16-13 on my mind.  I guess we’ll see.

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