The Huskies Never Cease To Drive Me Completely Crazy

Drinking, Twitter, and losing Husky football are a fucking diabolical mix.  This is why I generally try to take one of the three out of the equation whenever possible, but Saturday was the perfect storm.  See, I had to go to Tacoma because my dad has the Pac-12 Network.  I didn’t want to watch the game in some bar and pay those exorbitant bar prices, plus I hadn’t seen my family in quite some time, so I thought I’d kill a couple birds while I was in town.  I have my little net-book there for cruising around on the Internet while I’m in town, so of course I had my Twitter feed open all day.  And, the first Bud Light was cracked at a little after noon.  Bam.  The day was on.

Of course, just because I regret my Twitter Tirade doesn’t mean there weren’t some valid points on there.  I hate to say I called this after last week’s game (when there was still a lot of optimism around the program going into this game against ASU), but I fucking called this after last week’s game.  Once again, we’re looking at another 7-6 football team.  You might not want to hear that, but it’s the fucking truth.  You’re telling me that this team is going to go into UCLA – a team that is legitimately BETTER than ASU – and it’s going to find a way to win?  Please, you’re wasting everyone’s time!

I think I have some legitimate gripes with Keith Price.  Three weeks ago, he was untouchable.  Two weeks ago, after his performance down in Stanford, he was a god.  But, this is a What Have You Done For Us Lately world we live in, and he’s not living up to his end of the bargain.

The Abdul Gaddy comparisons aren’t 100% accurate.  I mean, it’s not like Keith Price was the 2nd-rated quarterback coming out of high school in the nation.  I don’t think the expectations were ever THAT high on this kid.  But, when I see him play, I can’t help but see Abdul Gaddy.  Tentative.  Talented, and yet lacking at the same time.  One step forward, two steps back.  Can’t hit the big shot in crunch time when the chips are down.  Keith Price was getting a lot of credit for our 4-0 start and for good reason; he was putting up some fabulous numbers.  But, how much of that could be related to the fact that he had the #1 running back in the nation and a very good defense backing him up?  Keith Price is nothing more than a Game Manager, yet we’re asking him to be a Top Dawg.  He doesn’t have it in him.

Also on Twitter, I spent a good chunk of time calling for Sark to put in Cyler Miles.  Not just in garbage time, because it clearly looks like Keith Price was injured.  I mean, put Cyler Miles in there for the rest of the season and see what he can do.  Of course, I know how ridiculous that request is.  If you don’t show loyalty to your senior quarterback, then how are you going to sell that to recruits?  You can’t go from contending for a conference championship to playing for next year just because you had a few losses.  What kind of message is that for the team?

Nevertheless, 2013 has officially gone down the shitter for the Washington Huskies.  You feel it’s unfair to lay all the blame at the feet of Keith Price?  That’s fine, I’m with you.  Our offensive line is straight garbage.  Our receivers are far from elite.  IS Kasen Williams a truly worthwhile recruit?  I seem to remember the last time we had a receiver of his caliber – Reggie Williams.  I seem to remember him making plays on a near-constant basis.  Why was it that he could do all that he did, while we can’t seem to EVER get the ball to Kasen Williams?  Does someone want to explain that to me?  I think it’s because he’s slow, he’s not very tall, and frankly, he’s not very good.  Do something to fucking WOW me if you want to change my mind; but I’m fed up defending a guy who has yet to make ANY big plays.  At some point, talent has to win out over what the defense is doing to stop this kid.

Also, ASJ?  Too slow to be an NFL tight end.  How about that?  He may get drafted high, he may sucker some team into taking him in the first round even, but he’s no game changer out there.  Linebackers cover him EASILY down the field.  No separation whatsoever.  Forget it, you’re on the shit list too.

I don’t have a lot to say about the defense, because the defense was left in terrible spots all day thanks to this inept offense.  This inept offense that’s supposed to be the cream of the crop.

The one thing I don’t want to give up on is Sark.  Even if he leads us to another 7-6 finish, I won’t throw him under the bus.  Let’s face it, he’s still taken us a long way from where we were.  He’s also doing the best he can with what he’s got.  Keith Price IS the best quarterback on this team.  That’s why he’s in there.  That’s why he’s been in there the last two & a half seasons.  I’d like to see what Sark can do with a more open competition at the position going into next year before I totally kill the guy.

However, I don’t know if we’ll have the chance.  Because you know as well as I that if this team finishes 7-6 again, heads are gonna roll.  The fans WILL NOT accept another 7-6 season.  Hell, it’s been a foregone conclusion to me for a little over a week now and I’ve practically moved on.  But, the rest of Husky Nation won’t be as forgiving.  The fans and maybe even the boosters will be fed up by then, and maybe Sark follows his heart down to Southern Cal, where there just so happens to be a Dream Job awaiting.

Will I be crushed?  Maybe, but not as bad as I would’ve been after the last couple of seasons.  Now, I’m just kind of numb to the whole experience.  For, you see, I live in the land of 7-6.  In this land, you succeed at the things that are easy (for the most part), you fail at everything that is the least bit difficult, and at the end of the day everything is exactly the same.  You’re no better or no worse in the land of 7-6.  You just are.  It’s nice.  We have Danishes, but they’re always a day old.

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