Seattle Sports Hell 2013 NFL Power Rankings – Week 7

I hate to break it to you, but with the Seahawks playing next Monday night, this will probably be my last chance to write about the Seahawks the rest of this week (unless something incredibly newsworthy happens in the next three days).  If you’re not interested in what is going to be a 3-part recap of the 2013 Seattle Mariners season (which, frankly, I have put off for long enough), I would probably check out of this website if I were you.  I’ll see you back here next week.

Let’s look at what’s new this week.  The Seahawks are 6-1 for presumably the first time in franchise history.  That’s something!  Through the first seven games, we have never seen a better professional football team!  We’ve maintained our 1-game lead over the 49ers, we’ve got a half-game lead over the Saints for the #1 seed.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

So, let’s pile some more happiness on the ol’ gravy train.  Percy Harvin is practicing again!  WOOO-HOOO!  If you’ll recall, when we first heard about him going down with this injury, our most-optimistic take was that he would return to the team after our BYE week, in time to play the New Orleans Saints in Week 13.  Now?  He can return as early as this week, Week 8.  Or, the latest we can bring him back is for the Minnesota game in Week 11.  Or, somewhere in between, which would be my guess.  I’m officially predicing he comes back for the home game against Tampa.  Not that we would need any additional reason to get excited for a home Seahawks game, but just imagine the explosion that would erupt from the stands when his name gets called in the opening run-out onto the field.

It really makes the most sense.  For starters, he wouldn’t be practicing right now if he wasn’t fully healthy.  This gives him a full week of practice, followed by another full week of practice.  Plus, with any high-priced, highly-touted free agent signing, you want him to make a good first impression with the home fans.  To allow him his accolades from the fans with his first game in a Seahawks uniform being a home game is just the trick to endear him to Seattle.  AND, Tampa provides a nice, soft landing, because they’re terrible.  Which then leads us into the Atlanta game – a biggie on the road – with him having a full game under his belt.  It lets the team work out any kinks there might have been the week prior, so we’re ready to go full-throttle against the Falcons.

So, it’s decided then.  Glad we had this talk.

Next up, we’ve got Michael Robinson back!  Well, according to various sources, none of which are the Seattle Seahawks themselves, but it’s still early in the morning.  This makes me happy because this 2013 Seahawks championship run wouldn’t be the same without the team’s heart out there on the field.  Michael Robinson is the man.  He’s an asset to the run game, he’s an asset in special teams, and he’s a huge asset in the clubhouse.  I always kind of thought he’d be back when I realized that he didn’t sign with anyone else following his release.  While it’s a shame other guys had to get injured to make this happen, at some point you just like having your cake and eating it too.

In “Ehh, Whatever” News:  Ricardo Lockette has announced he’s back.  Most likely on the Practice Squad.  Like I said before:  ehh, whatever.

Finally, I’m sure I’ll get to this more in my game preview on Monday, but Kellen Clemens has officially been named the starter for the Rams next week.  This is his third year with the Rams, mostly as a backup.  Before that, he knocked around with the Jets.  You may remember him as The Guy Who Couldn’t Beat Out Mark Sanchez.  He got 8 starts back in 2007 and went 3-5, with 5 TDs and 10 INTs.  This is not a guy to fear.  We should all remember that as we have another leisurely, Seahawks-free Sunday afternoon.

On to the rankings.


  1. Seattle Seahawks (6-1) – So, has anyone taken a good look at the schedule the rest of the way?  This regular season is going to be FUN.
  2. Denver Broncos (6-1) – Don’t worry about it, Broncos.  It happens to the best of us.  Losing to the Colts in Indy, that is.

The Rest:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (7-0) – The remaining Seahawks schedule is about as easy as the previous seven games the Chiefs have played.
  2. Indianapolis Colts (5-2) – I’d say beating the top two teams in football, plus going into San Francisco and winning, makes up for a couple duds against the Chargers and Dolphins.  No one in the AFC wants to go through Indy.  That place is pretty much Hell on Earth.
  3. Green Bay Packers (4-2) – All you need is Aaron Rodgers.  You could line up his receivers against a wall and execute them one by one and he’d still find a way to win ballgames.
  4. San Francisco 49ers (5-2) – Four game winning streak.  But, don’t worry, these are the 49ers.  They’ll blow one they had no business blowing sooner or later.
  5. New England Patriots (5-2) – I still like you, Pats.  You beat the Saints for us, I got you!
  6. New Orleans Saints (5-1) – When your only concern is a 3-3 Panthers team, I’d say life is pretty good.
  7. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) – This is where the Power Rankings start getting hairy.  Are the Bengals a good team?  Or are they a “good” team?  Can you say, first round playoff defeat?
  8. Detroit Lions (4-3) – Awesome offense, kinda poor defense, questionable coaching, idiot players.
  9. Chicago Bears (4-3) – Prepare for free fall!  They showed moxie hanging with the Redskins after Cutler went down, but if he’s out for any length of time, their playoff chances are going right along with him.  4 games is already 4 too many.
  10. San Diego Chargers (4-3) – Whoop-dee-doo, they beat up on the Jacksonville Jaguars, BFD.
  11. New York Jets (4-3) – It’s going to take me a while to get over the fact that I can’t stand the Jets.  Because this team, with Geno Smith, is legitimately fun!
  12. Atlanta Falcons (2-4) – I don’t care what anyone says, Matt Ryan is a stud.  Give him any healthy receiver and watch him go to work.
  13. Dallas Cowboys (4-3) – Grabbing that NFC East bull by the HORNS!  How ’bout dem Cowboys?
  14. Baltimore Ravens (3-4) – Grabbing that 8-8 finish by the horns.  How ’bout dem Ravens?
  15. Carolina Panthers (3-3) – These Panthers are looking to go on a tear!  Just in time to save everyone’s bacon on the coaching staff once again.
  16. Buffalo Bills (3-4) – Yeah, shit if I know.
  17. Miami Dolphins (3-3) – Why is it that people keep trying to talk me into the Dolphins and Tannehill?  They’re all the worst!
  18. Houston Texans (2-5) – Case Keenum!  This is what happens when your starting QB doesn’t keep killing your chances with turnovers:  your defense plays tough and you have a chance to win it at the end.  I like the Texans going forward if they keep giving Keenum the ball.
  19. Cleveland Browns (3-4) – Well Weeden, the time is now.  Time to start kicking ass or you’ll be in the Arena League before you can say, “First Round Bust”.
  20. Tennessee Titans (3-4) – They’ll be better with Locker, but not good enough to beat a team like the 49ers.
  21. Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) – Won’t be good if your QBs can’t stay in the game.  I know defense is a concern, but maybe they should look towards O-Line in next year’s draft.
  22. Arizona Cardinals (3-4) – Thanks for the hospitality last Thursday.  Glendale:  Seattle’s home away from home!
  23. Washington Redskins (2-4) – Is this where they turn their season around and win 8 in a row?  Gonna need the ol’ offense to keep putting up video game numbers.
  24. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4) – Break up the Steelers!  Two game winning streak … all the white people say “Ho!”
  25. Oakland Raiders (2-4) – The Broncos lost, but the Chargers and Chiefs both won.  Let’s not focus on other teams; let’s just focus on getting better.  Maybe look to NEXT year as a playoff possibility.
  26. St. Louis Rams (3-4) – You go here now.  Sam Bradford is gone, which part of me wants to believe is a blessing in disguise, but the rest of me understands that this team is going to start Kellen Clemens.
  27. New York Giants (1-6) – That football game was the reason why I don’t bother to have cable.
  28. Minnesota Vikings (1-5) – You can’t start a quarterback two weeks into his tenure on your team.  You just can’t.
  29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-6) – The next coaching staff is REALLY going to enjoy that #2 draft pick.  Maybe they’ll even find a decent quarterback to put around the awesome talent they already have.  Will the 2014 Bucs be the 2013 Chiefs?
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-7) – Your 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars.

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