The Seahawks Play The Rams On Monday Night Football

The weekend just isn’t the weekend without Seahawks football.  On Sunday, sitting in front of the TVs, knowing that you won’t have much of anything invested in the goings on of the day (aside from fantasy implications, of course), just doesn’t feel right.

Speaking of fantasy implications, let’s get to the reason why you’re all here.  I need 25 points out of the Seahawks’ defense tonight to win my game.  If they did nothing except shut out the Rams, I’d get 20 points, so there is work to be done.  And, let’s face it, shutting out someone in the NFL is one of the toughest things you can do.  Considering the Rams have the kicker with the strongest leg, this is an even more difficult chore.  But, make no mistake:  the Seahawks should absolutely throttle the Rams tonight and I should have no problem getting 25 points out of this defense.

I do have a couple of concerns.  They’re small, but they’re there.  First, the Seahawks don’t really have any good tape of Kellen Clemens to watch.  How do you prepare for a man who hasn’t started in years, and even then that was with a different coaching staff?  How do you lock in on his tendencies and anticipate where he’s going to throw the ball?  This doesn’t mean I’m necessarily scared of Kellen Clemens; he’s a backup quarterback for a reason.  I’m just saying, this has an element of when you see a brand new pitcher who has been called up to start in his first-ever Major League game.  Who’s to say Clemens can’t get a hot hand?

Which leads into my second concern:  what if the Rams just go super-conservative?  My defense needs points, yo!  That means turnovers, that means deep drops so we can get sacks, that means lots of opportunities that my guys can use to MAYBE bring one all the way back to the house and not trip and fall down inside the five yard line.

Let’s not forget that the Rams also have a pretty good defense.  So, if they go super-conservative on offense, and their defense is able to hold us at bay, we could be in for a long, low-scoring, boring, yet frustrating night.  Because yes, their game plan is to probably limit Kellen Clemens’ involvement.  They want to make this the ugliest, most grind-it-out game we’ve played all year.  We have to dictate the tempo.  We have to generate a good-sized lead like we did last week, and we have to force them out of their gameplan.

No one should be overly freaking out about the St. Louis Rams.  They’re pretty terrible.  I know we’re just coming off of a nationally televised game and these are becoming old-hat for us, but we still have to go out there and show off for the masses.  Let that inner-vanity shine!  Let’s go out there and show the world that the Seahawks are the best team in the game!

And let’s go win me a fantasy football game!

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