Seahawks Look Like Crap, Then Look Great, Somehow Come Away With The Win Over The Bucs

It’s pretty tough to keep defending this team, so I’ll say it one more time and get it out of the way:  “To Be Fair, The Seahawks ARE 8-1 & That’s All That Matters”.

There, with that said:  WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?

I keep going into these games with what I feel is a pretty relaxed attitude.  It’s a long season, you don’t want to be getting all agitated from the opening snap each and every week.  But, of course, this game just had to go down to the fucking wire as always, putting the game and my heartrate into overtime.

Once again, the Seahawks came out flat on offense.  At least they had a better dedication to the running game, but it just didn’t matter as we couldn’t do much of anything until late in the first half.  There were two plays that – had the game ended with a Seahawks loss – we’d be pointing to and lamenting.

First, the pass interference call on Earl Thomas.  I’m going to do my best to not berate the refs, because I thought overall they did a fair job in this game.  But, that was NOT pass interference!  Seriously?  Earl Thomas put his arm up against the receiver, but that was only AFTER he’d turned completely around to make a play on the ball.  He didn’t push off, he more-or-less just used that arm for balance.  That arm had no affect on whether or not the receiver could also make a play on the ball, because his arms were still free.  In the end, you’re talking about Earl Thomas having the best position, having his body turned toward the pass, and ultimately coming down in bounds with the interception.  Instead, they gave the play to Tampa, and Tampa ended up scoring a touchdown.  That play alone very well could have decided the game.

The other play was the Jermaine Kearse fumble.  Tampa had just scored late in the second quarter to go up 14-0, and here Kearse goes giving the ball right back to ’em!  No one to blame but the Seahawks player on that one, but words can only attempt to describe how huge that play was!  Ultimately, it resulted in another touchdown for the Bucs and a 21-0 lead.

Fortunately, the Seahawks figured out what to do on offense to finally move the ball and put points on the board, but it almost wasn’t enough.

Terrible, absolutely atrocious interception by Wilson at the goalline when it was first and goal from the three yard line.  What were you THINKING?  I’m assuming that was an audible, but whatever it was, you can’t NOT give the ball to Beastmode there!  Shit, with the Seahawks down by 7 and plenty of time in the game, I would’ve been happy with three straight Lynch runs up the gut for no gain!  At least we would’ve gotten points and potentially won the game in regulation.

Before I get to my players of the game, something has to be said about the defense.  As they were the sole reason why we won last week in St. Louis, they were almost the reason we lost yesterday.  This is the second straight week we’ve given up over 200 yards on the ground.  I don’t know why it’s happening, I just know that it needs to stop right now.

The Bucs, like the Rams, were able to open these gaping holes that their backs could’ve easily crawled through untouched!  Is it scheme?  Have we tweaked something that has turned us into a sieve along the line?  Are we playing our lighter package too much and putting too much emphasis on getting pressure on the quarterback that we’re neglecting all of our other responsibilities in the run game?  Are guys like Bryant or Mebane playing hurt and therefore hurting our chances by being “tough guys”?  Or, have other teams just figured us out and we have yet to adjust in two games?

Because, the Bucs, like the Rams, are NOT a good rushing team.  The combo of Doug Martin (before he was injured) and Mike James have been SERIOUSLY underperforming this year, which is the main reason why this team has struggled so mightily.  So, we can’t just blame it on good running teams taking advantage.  These are BAD running teams that are still gashing us to no end!

And, for the record, you don’t get much worse as a rushing team than the Falcons, who we play next week.  If this shit continues, then heads might very well roll.

Anyway, there were some bright spots.  I thought Michael Robinson played a fucking WHALE of a game in lead blocking for Marshawn Lynch.  Beastmode was given the rock 21 times for 125 yards and a lot of his better runs were behind a killer Robinson block.  So happy to have him back.

I thought the team did a better job max protecting.  Saw some more two RB sets to help in blitz pickup than we did last week, which made all of the difference.  No sacks for the Bucs, so I suppose we should give some kudos to the offensive line as well.  He was still running for his life, and was hit more than I like, but it didn’t cost us like it did last week.

Russell Wilson, in spite of two ill-advised picks, played a very gutty game.  The Seahawks were 8 for 12 on third down, and a lot of that was Wilson rifling some throws to some well-covered receivers.

Golden Tate gets his props as well, for that punt return.  I love how every time he catches a punt inside the five yard line, every announcer FREAKS THE FUCK OUT, as if he just finger-blasted his own mother or something.  Listen to me:  it’s okay to catch a punt inside your own 10 yard line if the opposing punter out-kicked his coverage and there’s absolutely no one around you.  If you’re guaranteed to at least get back to the 10 yard line, then I’m fine with it.  Oftentimes, if you let that ball land inside the five, it’ll bounce straight up into the air and be downed right there!  Punters are better than they were 30 years ago; you don’t see nearly the number of touchbacks you did in the 80s.  So, if my uber-talented return man wants to catch a punt with no defenders around him, he can be my fucking guest.  Now, if he does that with five guys around him, then I’d understand the freakout and be right there with you.

Another massive 12-tackle game for Earl Thomas as he’s working his way toward that Defensive Player of the Year award.  I don’t know where we’d be without him, but it would probably include a 4-5 record.

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