Let Russell Wilson Scramble

Read this.  It’s not the most coherent piece of writing on the planet, but then again when have I ever been a slave to coherence?

The argument, as I understand it, is:  Yeah, Russell Wilson is good at improvising when shit breaks down around him.  He’s good at running around in circles, avoiding a sack, until someone gets open and he can chuck them the ball from 40 yards away.  What he needs to improve on is, more or less, succeeding at the play that was called.  Hitting that 3rd or 5th or 7th step in his drop and immediately getting the ball out of his hand, into the hands of a receiver, in stride, for a positive gain.

What was Matt Hasselbeck’s biggest attribute?  He was a “rhythm passer”.  When this offense was really humming along, it was running the ball with authority and Hasselbeck was getting the ball out of his hands quickly.

Russell Wilson is never going to be a rhythm passer.  But, he needs to do better than he’s been doing.  That much is clear, I suppose.  You’re not going to win Super Bowls, plural, with a guy running around like he’s playing football in his backyard.

So, the argument in that article contends:  maybe the coaching staff has instructed Wilson to stay in the pocket as long as possible.  Or, Hell, maybe Russell Wilson has made it his mission this year to be a better pocket passer by forcing HIMSELF to take his lumps behind this dreadful offensive line.  After all, what’s more impressive than a quarterback unleashing a long bomb just as he’s being blasted in the chest by an angry and ultimately frustrated linebacker who thought he was in for a bigtime sack?

On the one hand, I’m all for Russell Wilson continuing his training toward being a Hall of Fame quarterback.  But, does he have to do it THIS year?

I’ve discussed it before, but it’s worth bringing back up:  we’re never going to be as good as we are right now.  Our very best players are also among our cheapest.  Chickens coming home to roost and all of that; these guys WILL get paid.  Some of them will get paid by the Seahawks, but some of them will get paid elsewhere.  It’s the nature of the beast.  I’m sure the front office will do everything in its power to replace those it’s forced to let go, but I doubt they’ll be able to keep striking as much gold as they’ve been striking since they got here.

I’m not saying it’s 2013 or Bust.  I’m just saying, we’re never going to have it as good as we do right now.  So, instead of instilling some sort of bullshit lessons with Wilson and Hanging In The Pocket, how about we let him do his thing?  How about we let him NOT get hit 20 times a game, so he’s fresh for our playoff run?  The last thing I want to read about is him being sore after a ballgame.  About him limping, or him getting treatment and that’s why he’s late to his post-game presser.

The last thing I want to see is him getting sacked as he’s running for his life, then hearing about how he broke his clavicle and he’s going to miss anywhere from 3-5 weeks.

And another thing:  if Wilson isn’t comfortable as a pocket passer, maybe we shouldn’t beat this thing into the ground.  Maybe we shouldn’t keep him in there as a team like the Rams hangs around and almost beats us.  Maybe we shouldn’t wait to pull the pin on his grenade until after we’re down 21-0 at home to the Bucs.  MAYBE, we give it just a little bit of time, and then we scrap everything and go back to what fucking works!

You want a prime example?  The Husky mens baskeball team last year installed a new High Post offense.  Sometimes, it worked okay.  But, sometimes the team struggled and dug itself into a hole.  And SOMETIMES, they had to revert to their old motion offense to dig themselves out of that hole and look like a competent basketball team.

So, pretty please, with sugar on top, let Russell Wilson do his thing.  It’ll be okay, I promise.

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