The Last Game Pre-BYE

The BYE week got its start in the NFL in the 1990 season.  Every year since, every team has gotten one week to rest and recharge (with the exception of 1993, in which every team received TWO non-consecutive weeks with which to rest and recharge).  In that time the Seahawks have had a love/hate relationship with the BYE week.

There have been 15 different instances where the Seahawks have won the game going into the BYE week, and lost the game coming out of the BYE week.  That’s absurd!  The Seahawks are 18-6 in their games pre-BYE and 6-18 in their games post-BYE.  The Seahawks have only won both ends of the BYE three times, the last time being 2005 when we went 13-3 and went to the Super Bowl.

What does this mean?  Absolutely nothing.  It’s a pointless fact that holds no weight on what’s going to happen going forward.  Nevertheless, I find these types of things interesting, and can’t help but be concerned for what this means in the New Orleans games in two weeks.

As for THIS week?  All the hoodoo in the world wouldn’t stop us from stomping the Vikings into dust.  This is different than the Tampa Bay game; at least they have a quality defense.  Minnesota is bad on both sides of the ball and wouldn’t beat us even if Adrian Peterson ran for 300 yards!

There’s no line high enough for this game.  I see no other ending to this game than the Seahawks winning by 30 or more.  If we punt at all, it’ll be a miracle.  This game is as close to getting two consecutive BYE weeks as it gets.  There’s no analyzing this game!  Good team beats bad team, news at eleven.

I’ve been a little under the weather this week, and still trying to muddle through work, so I’m keeping this short.  Go Hawks, and I’ll see you when we’re all 10-1.

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