The Seahawks Are First To Ten Wins

Percy Harvin was the story of this game, so let’s get to it.  It’s funny how these things work out.  Our big offseason prize who has been out all year, finally gets into a game and makes arguably the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.  He only had one catch on one target for 17 yards, but it was an awesome, bobbling catch for a first down.  He also had that 58 yard kickoff return that pretty much jump-started us toward total domination.

Jermaine Kearse ran into his own man and left the game concussed.  This was after the Vikings tied the game at 3.  Kearse’s injury led to Pete Carroll using Robert Turbin as a kickoff returner the next time the Vikings kicked off, which was after they tied the game at 10.  Turbin wasn’t terrible; he took the ball 20 yards to the 21 yard line, but it kind of left everybody wondering:  what the fuck?  On the one hand:  you don’t want to expose one of your best players to injury in a game you’re probably going to win anyway.  But, on the other hand, if he’s healthy, let the man do what you brought him here to do!  You’ve got to take the bubble wrap off and play with him sometime!

So, after the Vikings scored to pull within 17-13 (really, a lot of scoring by the Vikings in the first half; much more than I’d anticipated), Harvin was back there in the endzone.  He caught the kick a few yards in and tore ass out of there, up the gut, 58 yards to the Minnesota 46.  Only the kicker, getting in his way, managed to get him stopped.  Mind you, this was with less than a minute remaining in the half.  Had that kick not been returned – and I would argue, not returned by Percy Harvin and only Percy Harvin – we never would’ve even TRIED to score.  As it went, we had just enough time to get it into easy field goal range, with a chance to spare at the endzone, which was caught by Doug Baldwin for a commanding and insurmountable 24-13 lead.

You want to know why everyone is talking about Percy Harvin today?  Because the guy makes things happen!  He’s a bottle rocket with a short fuse; just light him and RUN!

Of course, he’s not the only person to talk about.  The usual suspects were up to their old tricks.  Russell Wilson had a near-perfect football game:  13 for 18, 230 yards, 2 touchdowns, 98.5 QBR, 151.4 passer rating, 2 carries for 14 yards.  Just a ruthlessly efficient game.

Marshawn Lynch only had 54 yards on the ground and 9 yards through the air, but he punched in three touchdowns.

Clinton McDonald caught his first career interception, as did Walter Thurmond (the latter bringing his back to the house for a touchdown).  Bobby Wagner had a pick and almost had two (the near-miss would’ve been another touchdown), as well as a sack, while leading the team with 9 tackles.  The defense as a whole held Adrian Peterson to only 65 yards on 21 carries, which is one of the best showings by a defense on AP in his career.

This game was pretty embarrassing for the Vikings.  While they were technically still in the game, I guess, down 11 in the third quarter, they still ran the ball too much and blew through 5 minutes of clock on a drive that ended with a punt.  But, what are you going to do?  It’s Christian Ponder at quarterback!  He can only do so much!

Once the game got into the fourth quarter, the Vikings turnovers started to mount.  And, once the Seahawks went up by three scores, you knew they were going to have to abandon the run, and at that point it was a matter of time before Ponder got benched for his more-effective back-up.

A lot to like about that game yesterday.  It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t as good as the Falcons game the week before, and truth be told, the crowd didn’t appear to be all that into it.  It’s hard to tell while watching on TV, but you can still KINDA tell when the crowd is into it vs. when they’re just going through the motions.  Yesterday kind of felt like more of a Los Angeles crowd than a Seattle crowd.  Maybe we’re getting too used to all this winning.  I dunno.  But, I hope we step our collective 12th Man game up in two weeks when we play the Saints on Monday night for the NFC.  That team is going to be difficult enough as it is.

For now:  the dreaded BYE week.  The guys get some days off, to rest, whathaveyou, and the fans get a week to sit back and bask in the glow of a 10-1 football team.  Three games ahead of the 49ers for the division, and it feels so good.

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