The Last Chance For The Huskies To Make A Good Impression

Ugh.  Last week’s game against UCLA was SUCH horseshit.  It sucks when you’re a totally evenly-matched team, but thanks to some ill-timed mistakes, it looks like you were taken out behind the woodshed.  The Huskies only lost 41-31, but it wasn’t really all that close.  Not when you immediately dig yourself a 2-score hole and spend the rest of the game playing catch-up; it was like watching someone with no arms try to struggle his way out of a pit of quicksand.  There was never any doubt – once things started going the way they went – that the Huskies would lose that game.

Back-to-back fumbles on the first two drives are bad enough.  But, even then, if we’d managed to play a clean game, we still could have overcome it.  The defensive penalties were the REAL crushers.  When you’ve got a team on third down and you hold them shy of the line to gain, only to see that some idiot on your defense had his hands on an offensive player’s face …

It’s not even like you could blame the officials!  Those were our hands on that guy’s face!  You can’t deny it!  Except when you COULD blame the officials, when they called the same fucking penalty on our offensive lineman on that touchdown pass … because those were NOT our hands on that guy’s face!  Those were our hands on that guy’s shoulder pads or some fucking thing.

That penalty was probably the worst call I’ve ever seen, in an endless string of numb-nuts calls by Pac-12 refs.  It’s not even funny anymore how bad our refs are.  The NCAA needs to do something about this, because they’re seriously ruining the game out here on the west coast.

When you add it all up – offensive fuck-ups, defensive fuck-ups, referee fuck-ups – it equals one unwinnable game for the Washington Huskies.  A team like ours in a game like that could theoretically withstand one set of fuck-ups, but not three.  So, now the Huskies are 6-4 and the most underwhelming team in all of college football.

The Huskies sit at fourth in the Pac-12 North, one spot behind the Oregon State Beavers (who we play tomorrow).  The Beaves have the upper hand thanks to a 4-3 conference record (vs. our 3-4 conference record).  If we lose this game, then all of a sudden we’re ACTUALLY in a dogfight with the fucking Washington State Cougars.  Can you even stand it?  The Cougs have the same conference record as us, and they host the Utah Utes tomorrow afternoon.  If they win and we lose, guess what:  we might not even make a bowl game!

Don’t tell me that won’t happen, because losing the Apple Cup LAST year supposedly wasn’t supposed to happen either.

If we lose the next two games, that puts us at 6-6 with a 3-6 conference record.  That drops us to fifth in the Pac-12 North and it theoretically drops us to 8th or 9th (into a tie with Arizona) in the Pac-12 as a whole.  Either way, unless my math is wrong, the Pac-12 is only slotted for 7 bowl games.  Given that there likely won’t be two BCS bowl bids for the conference, the Huskies very well could be royally fucked.  Let us not forget, if we end up tied with Arizona, there is no guarantee that we’d be selected over them just because we beat them; as long as there is no more than a 1-game difference in conference record, a bowl can pick whichever team it wants.

So, why am I not slitting my wrists right now in anticipation of No Bowl for the Huskies for the first time since 2009?  Because this game could very well be interesting!  It could be interesting because Cyler Miles could be starting!  Now, on the one hand, I feel like we have a better chance of winning with Keith Price at the helm, so naturally I should be rooting for him to start.  But, really, rushing Price back just to salvage an opportunity at the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl … is there any honor in that?  Who CARES about the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl?

I would much rather see Miles get a chance to get his first-ever start under his belt.  After all, he’s the leading candidate to be our starter going into next year, wouldn’t you rather give him the opportunity to not only get these practice reps, but to get honest-to-goodness game reps?  In a game he actually prepared for, and not just one he was thrown into because of injury?  Just imagine what kind of an ego boost that would be for a kid, to go into a hostile environment, and to come out with his first career win.  Imagine what that could mean for next year’s team!  Instead of having all of these question marks surrounding the quarterback position, we can look back at physical evidence of our starter being awesome.

Keith Price’s time has come and gone.  I understand being loyal to your seniors, but what is this team really playing for, aside from avoiding the embarrassment of losing out on a bowl opportunity to the Cougs?  I’m not saying I’ll be hopping mad if Price makes a miraculous recovery and starts this game, but I will be a little disappointed.  It’s too late to do anything for Price’s legacy; he’s kind of a lost cause at this point.  I’d rather move on to the next big thing and try to get an idea of what we have in store for us the next couple years.  If Miles does well, we could be looking at a seamless transition between quarterbacks.  And, if he struggles, then at least we’ll know we’re in store for a dogfight of a quarterback competition next spring.

Regardless of who starts, I don’t think this game is hopeless.  Unless we come out and stink up the joint like we did down in L.A.  So, how about this:  no more fumbles, and no more hands to the face.  Except when they’re hands to the shoulder pads, in which case, no more bullshit calls by the refs.  We can do this, I know we can!

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