Huskies Dominate Down In Corvallis

Well, it’s about time.

This was the dominating road performance we’ve been waiting for!  I guess last year we went into Colorado and won 38-3, but that’s nothing special.  That’s like going to Idaho and winning 38-3.  The Huskies haven’t made this kind of a killing on the road since Sark got here, and really it couldn’t have come at a better time.

69-27.  That’s a score you can take home to mother!  530 rushing yards, with three 100-yard rushers (Sankey – 179, Cooper – 166, Washington – 141), the second-most on the ground all time in school history.  Then, tack on three interceptions (two for Peters, to go along with a forced fumble & fumble recovery; one for Shaq, which he took back to the house) to go along with some rock-solid situational defense (until the game was 62-6 and the Beaves scored a bunch of garbage points), and you might be looking at the best, most complete game the Huskies have ever played under Sark!

Granted, there are certainly bigger wins, against better opponents, but has the situation here ever been this dire with Sark at the helm?  6-4, 3-4 in conference, sans a conference road win this year, facing the real possibility of being behind the Beavers AND the Cougars going into this week’s Apple Cup, with a very good chance of being bowl eligible with no bowl left to attend.  This being Sark’s fifth year, after three consecutive 7-6 finishes, with Husky Nation grumbling like we haven’t seen since 2008.  Showing improvement on the field, yet nevertheless having the same exact results on the field again and again.  Make no mistake, this was a must-win for this regime.  Not only that, but I would argue the Huskies had to win exactly as they did:  in dominant fashion.  Anything less, and you could seriously be looking at one of the hottest seats in the nation.

So, that’s a relief.  But, we’re not out of the woods yet.  We still have to win the Apple Cup on Friday.  We HAVE to break that spell of 7-win seasons!  And we have to put the Cougs in their fucking place.

To close, let’s highlight some performances.  Give it up for Deontae Cooper!  The Junior has had about a million knee surgeries, and in this game broke off a number of breathtaking runs.  Of course, it helps when the offensive line is manhandling everyone else, but still.

Good win for Cyler Miles.  He didn’t really break the bank – 15/24, 162 yards, 1 TD, 0 INTs – but he didn’t cost us anything either.  This is the type of performance – and soft landing – you can build upon.  I’m not ready to say that he’s going to be the next big dominating force in Husky football, but he’s on the right track and is likely The Guy next year.  I’d rather have something like this to reflect upon than something with a few more attempts and a few more interceptions.

Kevin Smith is going to be a great possession receiver in the NFL.  I see a lot of Doug Baldwin in him.  He may not get drafted high – or at all – but he’s going to make some team really happy it took a shot.

Marcus Peters was a man possessed!  I don’t know how we got to be so good against Sean Mannion, but we’ve really got his number.  I look forward to what Peters is able to do through the rest of his career.

I’m really gonna miss watching Bishop Sankey, as there has to be a 100% chance he goes pro after this year.  He tied the career mark for touchdowns by a running back, and appears to be well on his way to breaking the single-season rushing record of 1,695 by Corey Dillon (now standing at 1,575).

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