The Seahawks Are The Best Team In Football

I like how people make a big deal about the Seahawks clinching their playoff spot last night.  Like it wasn’t a total inevitability or something!

Yes, the Seahawks are in the playoffs.  Yes, the Seahawks have tie-breakers over the next two best teams in the conference (New Orleans & Carolina).  Yes, the Seahawks have a 3-game lead in the division.  Yes, the Seahawks just need to go 2-2 the rest of the way to clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

That’s all well and good, and at this time four weeks from now, I plan to kick up my legs, light a cigar, and enjoy a round of the NFL playoffs knowing full well that the Seahawks won’t have to play for another week.  This is happening, people!  The Seahawks are a fucking rocket ship and the rest of the league is roller skates!

Here’s how good it’s gotten:  the Seahawks played one of the top 4 or 5 teams last night, and they might as well have been playing the Jacksonville Jaguars or Cleveland Browns or something.

We held the Saints – with one of the greatest offenses in the league, with one of the greatest offensive minds as their head coach, with TEN DAYS TO PREPARE – to 188 yards.  Total.  We held Drew Brees to under 200 passing yards for the first time in FOREVER (actually, we held him to under 150 passing yards, but who’s counting?).  And, when the game still mattered, we scored on five of our first six drives, against one of the most improved defenses in football, helmed by defensive guru Rob Ryan.

Yes, this was all done in the friendly confines of CenturyLink Field, but COME ON!  This was a thrashing of the highest order, against one of the best teams in football!  When you see 10-1 going up against 9-2 on the schedule, in a Monday Night game, you expect to see a hotly-contested event.  Lots of back and forth, nail-biting to the bitter end.  The only concern I had by the time the second half started was:  will I win my fantasy football matchup?

SIDEBAR:  You probably don’t give a shit, but I’m going to tell you anyway.  I had a 37 point lead (PPR, 6-point TDs for QBs).  My opponent had Russell Wilson and Golden Tate; I had the Seahawks’ defense.  As the second half started, I was projected to lose, because DangeRuss Wilson was shredding me left and right.  In the end, I held on for a 4-point victory; it was the most exciting finish a 34-7 game has ever seen.

What else does this team have left to prove?  We’re the best!  That’s it!  We’re absolutely unbeatable at home, so what does it matter what we do the rest of this regular season?  We can lose both of these next two road games (at San Francisco and at New York Giants) and still clinch the #1 seed (at which point, we won’t need to play on the road again until the Super Bowl).

Beating the best teams is now routine.  It’s time to turn our attention to what the AFC has to offer.  Make no mistake, in four weeks, I’m going to have a field day with the other 11 teams who make it into the playoffs.

For now, just bask in the glow.  For once, we get to be the big, bad football team everyone else is afraid of.  All that’s left is to keep the core healthy for these last four games.  Consider the month of December a second pre-season.  For, in January, we dance.

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