How Exactly Is Percy Harvin A Bust?

Some busts, you can see coming a mile away.  Trading for a third string quarterback in Charlie Whitehurst and letting him compete for a starting job … SEEMED like a bust of a move.  A lot of smart people were on top of the bust of a trade that was Mike Morse for John Jaso.  Most everyone was glad when the Mariners missed out on Josh Hamilton, because we could see his decline coming a mile away.  Nevertheless, that move still has a chance to work out for the Angels.  Because determining who is a bust is all relative to how long he’s under contract.

It was easy to write off Mike Morse after the first couple months as an injury-prone, homers-or-nothing type of hitter AND a bust.  Josh Hamilton still has four more years to turn things around, though, whereas Morse was just on the 1-year deal.  Now, one would argue that if you’re paying gallons upon gallons of money to a guy, it’s fair to expect him to be a stud from the get-go.  I guess I buy that.  But, here’s where things differ with Percy Harvin.

The Seahawks gave up a first rounder (the 25th overall pick that the Vikings used on a cornerback who has started only five games), a seventh rounder, and a 2014 third rounder.  Now, considering the state the Seahawks are in, it’s very likely that the 25th overall pick in the 2013 draft wouldn’t have made much of an impact on this year’s squad.  That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t develop into something down the road … but keep that thought in mind.  The seventh rounder, we’re not about to sweat around these parts.  The third rounder next year?  We all thought, at the time, that was the icing on the cake for the Vikings and a bit of a blow for the Seahawks.  We’ll never know exactly how losing three draft picks will affect the depth on this team, but if any effects are felt at all, they won’t be for the next few years.  That’s how good the depth we have now truly is.

So, we gave up ALL of that, and got back Percy Harvin in return.  Percy Harvin, who has played in one game (at a fraction of his normal snaps) and has since remained injured as he’s trying to come back from that hip surgery.  If he never plays football again, then yes, this would be the all-time greatest bust in the history of sports.  However, even if he never plays another down THIS SEASON, he could still manage to make up for his lost 2013, since he’s signed for another five seasons.

And, I know you’re going to throw his landmark contract in my face, but remember:  in 2013, Harvin is only making $2.5 million.  That’s a drop in the bucket!  Yes, he’s due to see a huge increase next year, but that’s next year.  I believe the worst-case scenario for Percy Harvin is he’s done for the year, but he comes back completely healthy next year and does his thing.  And if he does, he will cease to be a bust!

That assumes he doesn’t suffer another early season-ending injury, or a rash of regular, partial-season injuries, but who can predict that?  No one, so what’s the point of bringing it up?  He could play the rest of his career and never miss a game; you don’t know!

So, national media, shut your bitch mouths.  Let this thing play out.  If, in a couple years, Harvin looks bust-worthy, then I’ll be right there banging the drum with you.  But, in the middle of his FIRST YEAR here?  Come on, man …

2 thoughts on “How Exactly Is Percy Harvin A Bust?

  1. Harvin absolutely is a bust.

    I also saw this from a mile away.

    Harvin har injury problems in minny so everyone should’ve expected that he would be injured here too.

    The day we traded for him I predicted he would suffer an injury and play 0 games. I was only off by one.

    Also, length of contract means very little in determining a bust because the player gets paid every year he’s on the team so the team has to “ante up” each year just for the CHANCE to have him play.

    Year 1 was about as bad as it could get, so even if harvin has the best season of his career next year we STILL would be getting less than we paid for.

    Harvin OWES THE HAWKS for this year. He got a nice salary and huge signing bonus and we got nothing in return.

    Because we already lost a whole season from him, anything less than MVP means we got less than we paid for.

    Harvin will either be released after this season or next season, but next season is most likely.

    Harvin will never see the 3rd year of the contract. We have too many players THAT ACTUALLY PLAY AND CONTRIBUTE and we can’t afford to pay Harvin to do nothing.

    The hawks will have to take a dead cap bit when they release him, but it is better than paying his full salary and getting nothing. Saving a few million makes a big difference.

    Harvin will end up a lot like housh, disgraced and run out of town.

  2. Can we admit Harvin is a bust now? he was a bust before he was traded to the Seahawks. This trade to the jets just solidifies it even further

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