Because Everything Is Happening Today Yesterday: The Huskies Hired Chris Petersen

We got a coach!  This time last week, we had a coach, and now we’ve got a different coach.  Progress!

The Huskies wooed away Chris Petersen from Boise State – after he tore shit up as the bane of the BCS’ existence – doing to the Broncos exactly what the Trojans did to us.  I have no problem with that (and if I were a Broncos fan, I’d be super pissed about it, too).  This is almost better, in a way, than getting Jim Mora.  Either way, we’d be stealing a coach away from another school (proving that Washington isn’t just a “stepping stone”, but a destination), but at least Petersen has played harder to get.  What’s more satisfying:  getting the slutty girl on the first try, or getting her more-attractive, prudish sister on the first try after she’d turned down a bunch of other manlier, more macho dudes?

I’m sorry, this post has already gone off the rails.  Let’s try to right the ship here.

We got a coach!  And he’s proven to be a good one!  At a smaller institution!  And they’ve beaten numerous powerhouse schools to boot!

Jim Mora hasn’t done shit, but I think we all wanted him because he was most likely to stay here long term.  When your woman leaves you, sometimes you just need a security blanket in your life, even if she’s not right for you.  The Huskies tried to sign that security blanket, but only served to get him a big, fat raise with UCLA.  In the end, we might be thanking our lucky stars when – in four years – Jim Mora is out on his ass looking for work, while we’re headed back to the Rose Bowl (making it a 4-pete of consecutive Rose Bowls #FuckOregon).

I’m hearing that Petersen isn’t the greatest recruiter, but that’s what your assistant coaches are for.  What Peterson IS is a helluva head coach.  A guy who made inferior talent great; so imagine what he could do with the type of talent we can get at Washington!

I hope like crazy that he can convince Wilcox and Lupoi to stay, because if he can:  DAMN.  Not only will we not be missing a beat, but we will be legitimately dangerous as soon as NEXT YEAR!  But, that doesn’t sound too likely, as I’m hearing that Petersen is planning on bringing over his own defensive coordinator from Boise.

Either way, this is a real coup for Washington (and, for the record, much more exciting than the Mariners signing Robinson Cano).

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