Giving The New York Giants The Proper Respect They Deserve

Last week, I probably took the 49ers a little more lightly than I should have.  I don’t know if I was envisioning a drubbing, per se, but at the very least a comfortable 10-point win for the good guys.  What I got was a lot of us spinning our tires in the mud for 60 minutes, convinced that EVENTUALLY we’ll get out of this quagmire, but ultimately just digging ourselves into a deeper hole.  Well, rest assured!  I’m not going to make the same mistake this week!  No no, this week, I’m giving the New York Giants the proper respect they deserve.

These 2013 New York Giants are one of the worst teams I’ve ever seen.  Their defense is shield-your-eyes awful, their quarterback is a numb-nuts who can’t stop turning the ball over, their running game is Trent Richardson-esque, their best receiver is no better than our third best receiver (and he gets paid like he’s our #1).  Their coach is the oldest head coach in the league (though, to be fair, ours is second-oldest, but still, FUCK YOU OLD MAN!).  I don’t know anything about their offensive line, but I’m sure it’s garbage.  They play in fucking NEW JERSEY!

I mean, everything about the Giants is just the worst, amirite?

But, you may counter, what about the 10am start?  What about flying all the way to the East Coast?  What about playing a team with nothing to lose?  What about a coach fighting for his very livelihood?  What about playing a team that’s trying to salvage some semblance of pride and notch a “signature win” going into next season?  It wouldn’t be a lot, but it would be saying something if you beat the eventual Super Bowl champs.

Forget all of that.  We’re just flat out better than them.  That’s all you need to know.  And not kinda-sorta better than them.  This isn’t the same thing as going into Frisco and playing a very good team (in its own right) in the 49ers.  This is going into Jersey and playing a shitty team who should be stomped accordingly.

The Giants won’t be able to stop the Seahawks on offense.  That’s just for starters.  We’re going to run the ball, run the ball, and run the ball some more.  We might not punt more than two or three times all day (and that’s including garbage time when we’re up by three touchdowns and just running out the clock).

I think the Seahawks are mad about last week.  I think the Seahawks have been reading all the shit-talking being done by the 49ers this week and they want to take it out on our upcoming patsy.  I think we desperately want that 6-2 road record.  And, quite frankly, I think we want that division title decided already.

Bet against the Seahawks at your own peril, because the Giants ARE that bad.

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