Welcome Back, Guti

Man, I don’t know.  I tell you, I really WANT to get excited for this offseason, but it’s hard not knowing what moves are coming down the pike.

Here’s what we know now:  Robinson Cano is a Mariner for the next decade.  Corey Hart and Logan Morrison are Mariners for now.  Cano is almost a lock to be good for at least a few years.  There’s a better than 50% chance that Hart is a productive member of the team in 2014.  I’m not holding my breath on Logan Morrison being much of anything.

And now, there’s Guti.  1 year, $1 million, with incentives of another $2 million.  If the moves the Mariners have made to date are a teeter-totter, you’ve got Cano by his lonesome on one side, holding on for dear life, while you’ve got three injury-prone would-be studs lumped together with their knees in their chests, straddling the ground on the other side.

It’s okay to sign one guy with injury problems to a salary-friendly deal and hope he pans out.  It’s damn near idiotic, the more injury-prone guys you sign, regardless of how incentive-laden you make their deals.  Your odds of success start to plummet.  What are the odds Hart, Morrison, and Guti all play a full season?  Even if you platoon them – even if you ONLY play Guti a third of the time, whenever there’s a lefty on the mound – what are the odds they don’t hit the DL at least three times apiece next season?

I’m somewhat willing to suspend disbelief on the Hart and Morrison front.  I’ll buy that they’re all better and ready to rock n’ roll.  But, not Guti.  If Guti cracks the 25-man roster, I’m immediately discounting that roster spot.  The Mariners will have 24 players, and sometimes Guti.  Our outfield (at the moment) consists of some combination of Michael Saunders, Dustin Ackley, Corey Hart, Logan Morrison, Abraham Almonte … and sometimes Guti.  This team is almost certainly going to have to keep all of these guys on the roster, otherwise we’re royally screwed.

What happens when Guti is sore after playing yesterday?  “No big deal,” you say?  We’ve got other guys to start in the outfield?  Well, what if, two days ago, Michael Saunders ran into a wall and can’t play for another three days?  They don’t think he’s too injured to put on the DL, but he can’t go tonight.  And, let’s say, for the sake of argument, Dustin Ackley twisted his ankle while stepping awkwardly on the first base bag?  Don’t say, “That’ll never happen,” because it happened quite a bit just last year!  How long did we leave Morse on the active roster thinking he was just “a few days away” from returning?  What about later in the season when Saunders had a sore whatever, and Ackley had a sore whatever?  Just because I can’t remember the specifics, doesn’t mean they didn’t happen!  Don’t tell me you don’t remember this team putting Jason Bay in center field because everyone else was too hurt to play!  Granted, it’s not like this happened a lot, but it still happened.  Frankly, one time is too many!  And it’ll keep happening as long as Guti is on the roster.

Look, I love the guy.  I’m just beyond the point where I can trust him to be healthy for more than a few days every month.

This team is starting to take too many chances on guys.  We’re already committed to people like Mike Zunino, Brad Miller, Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley, and Michael Saunders … we’re taking a CHANCE that they will take that next step in their careers to become quality everyday players.  Now, we’re taking chances on guys like Hart, Morrison, and Guti to be healthy.  THESE are the guys we’re supposed to count on this year?  THESE are the guys we’re surrounding Cano and Seager with?

The clock is ticking, people!  Cano’s contract is a fucking timebomb!  It’s set to explode in no more than five years!  We’ve got to win while the winning’s good!

And we’re not going to win with a bunch of do-nothing youngsters and a bunch of injury-prone wankers.

For the love of God, go out and sign Masahiro Tanaka already!

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