Let’s Finish This Now, Seahawks

Before the season, I did a prediction post where I picked all the games.  I do it every year and every year it’s as meaningless as it was before.  This year, I picked us to lose at Indy, Atlanta, and the Giants.  I predicted 13-3 and frankly, it’s still on the table.  Who could have foreseen that Atlanta and the Giants would fall on their faces like they did?  Either way, I predicted a #1 seed, and I predicted a meaningless Week 17 game against the Rams.

Next week is going to be SUPER lean on the posting front, as I’m taking Thursday and Friday off after Christmas, for a big ol’ 5-day weekend.  I’ll probably hop on here to do a recap of the Husky bowl game, but not much else.  If we win this game on Sunday, we will have clinched the #1 seed and my premonition of a meaningless week 17 game will come true.  It’s an awesome “problem” to have, and I’ll speak on that next Tuesday before Christmas Break.

In the meantime, we’ve got one last meaningFUL game before a 2-week break.  Our lone threat in achieving our rightful spot as the best team in the NFC is the San Francisco 49ers.  Nothing the Panthers or Saints do will make a difference.  As has been stated before, either we win (or the 49ers lose) and we get the #1 seed, or we lose out and the 49ers win out and we get the #5 seed (due to what will be a superior divisional record by the 49ers).  San Francisco plays at home on Monday night against the woeful Atlanta Falcons.  It’s their last home game in Candlestick.  I’m sure dozens of ex-49ers will be in attendance.  The crowd will be as jacked up as a bunch of tea-drinkers can be (they’re no 12th man, but it won’t take much to get under Atlanta’s skin).  There’s no way they lose that game.  They close out the season at Arizona.  If Arizona finds a way to beat Seattle, they probably still have a chance at a playoff spot, and therefore would be playing hard, but I REALLY can’t see the 49ers losing this game if it’s for the division and the top seed.

So, what that means is:  the Seahawks need to win one more.  Why not just win it now, against Arizona, and get it over with?  We knock the Cardinals out of the playoffs, the whole state of Arizona gets a little butthurt at us, and we all have a nice, relaxing week 17.

As I stated before, the Cardinals are a lot better than I originally thought they’d be.  9-5 is nothing to sneeze at, and normally 9-5 would have them comfortably in the playoffs if the season ended today.  It’s a testament to how great the NFC is that they’re on the outside looking in right now (remember that bullshit after the first couple weeks of the season, where everyone was making a big deal about how the AFC actually had a better record against the NFC?  That shit didn’t last too long, did it?).  The Cardinals have gone 6-1 in their last seven games, which makes them one of the hotter teams … until you look at who they’ve played.

They beat Atlanta, Houston, Jacksonville, and Indy to go on a 4-game winning streak.  Make a big deal about Indy all you want, but that is NOT the same team that beat the Seahawks, 49ers, and Broncos early in the season.  Ever since they lost Reggie Wayne, they’ve gone 4-3, beating Houston and Tennessee two times each (while losing to the likes of Arizona, St. Louis, and Cincinnati in embarrassing fashion).  Arizona, you can’t crow about that victory; Indy is shit now.  The Cardinals followed their 4-game winning streak by losing to a good Philly team.  Then, they beat a mediocre Rams team and barely held on against a mediocre Titans team.

Arizona has exactly one quality win this year, and it’s against the Panthers (right before Ron Rivera turned into Riverboat Ron and they ripped off eight in a row).  Again, not the same team, so you could argue that the win over the Panthers isn’t even all that legit.

Carson Palmer is still Carson Palmer (which means:  a walking turnover machine).  They have no running game.  It’s not too hard for this secondary to shut down Larry Fitzgerald.  They have no other receivers.  All they are is a great defense.  Too bad they won’t be as effective on the road.  And too bad that our defense is better than theirs (while our offense is WAY better than their offense).

I want this.  I want it right now.  Seahawks, the NFC is yours for the taking.  The Super Bowl is yours for the taking!  Just go out there, win on Sunday, and let’s all go out for hot fudge sundaes!

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